Safeway and Affiliates: Cheerios Cereal $0.49 per Box


Update:  It seems like once you print from one site it shows as already printed on the other two sites. Hopefully you can find a friend that can get you a thrid coupon.

If you have a Safeway store (or one of its affiliates: Dominicks, Randall’s Tom Thum, etc) around you then it’s time to stock up on Cheerios cereal.  Currently the store has Cheerios on sale for $1.49 each box when you buy three boxes.  Use the following printable coupons for Cheerios cereal to get it for $0.49 each.

Save $1 off one Box Cheerios cereal available at Eat Better America, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury.

You can print this coupon twice at each site so you could get at least six of these coupons per computer.

Thanks Frugal Adventures!

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  • oh my gosh…super thanks for putting them all in one place!
    I’ve printed…and now my get dressed for the day to venture out to Vons…
    even though I TOLD myself that I wouldn’t shop today!
    thanks again!

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  • Lydia

    It only let me print a total of 2. Once I had the first 2 printed and went to the other websites, it told me I had already printed the max allowed. Oh well. Gotta love cheap Cheerios!

    • Shannon

      This happened to me also 🙁

  • Rhonda

    Same as Lydia, above. Once I printed at Eat Better America, I was unable to print at the other two sites. Ah well…time to call some friends/family members with computers!

  • Amy

    only lets you print two total… no matter the sites

  • Vicky

    Went to Safeway yesterday and the Honey nut cheerios were on sale for 1.49 when you buy 4 but the yellow box was not on sale (not marked). Anyone else having that same issue? I already spent my honey nut ones and have my regular cheerios coupons but could not use them.