Macey’s BEST Weekly Deals May 12th – May 18th

I only post the Best Deals each week in this matchup on purpose. If it was featured in the ad and it isn’t listed below, I just didn’t think it was that good of a price to share. So try not to purchase items that aren’t listed below-unless you can’t wait for a better sale. Any items listed in RED are items you might want to consider Stocking Up on!

Kellogg’s 10-15.5 oz Cereal $1.67 each

Pepsi, 7-Up or A&W 24 pk 12 oz Cans $6.99 (with Macey’s online digital coupon)

Dozen Corn on the Cob $5

Fresh Whole Pineapple $.99 a lb

1 lb Organic Orange or Rainbow Baby Carrots $1.29

Organic Gala or Granny Smith Large Apples $1.49 a lb

Certified Angus Beef Cross Rib Roast or 85% Lean Ground Beef $3.49 a lb

Food Club  6-12 oz Cheese $1.67 each

John Morrell 12 oz Franks $.99

Fritos or Cheetos $2.99
Use the in-ad Promo: $1.99 each with purchase of 3
Total cost $1.99

Nalley 14 oz Chili $.99

Barilla 8.5-16 oz Pasta $1.25 each

Barilla 24 oz Pasta Sauce $1.67 each

Powerade 28 oz Sports Drink $.69

** If you are new to couponing, you will notice some abbreviations next to certain coupon matchups. SS stands for Smart Source. RP stands for Red Plum and PG stands for Proctor and Gamble. MS stands for Moments to Save and GM stands for General Mills.  These are all coupons you can find in our Sunday Newspaper Subscription.