Synovate and Pinecone Research: Still Looking for Members

A couple of months ago I shared with you about Synovate, get paid for your opinion company.  This company is still looking for qualified members.  I also wanted to highlight some of the comments from those of you who are using or have used Synovate:

Mindy saidThis one is my favorite. It does take a while to earn $$, but I test products on a fairly regular basis. It’s always full-size products. I’ve done hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, dog treats, canned biscuits, soap, lotion, etc. I enjoy the free products almost more than the cash.

Sonja said I have been using Synovate for a couple of years now. I have earned small pocket money here and there, but I must concur with the previous commenter. I absolutely LOVE getting the products to test for FREE. I have received full-sized Toilet Paper, shampoo, etc…all have to do is answer a few questions here and there. They are honest and quick in sending payments. But in regard to not meeting the demographics, yes, this does occasionally happen. However, you are given a small reward for taking the time to answer. All in all, I would recommend them. Just don’t expect to get rich quick, but certainly if you’re doing this in your spare time you’ve got nothing to lose.

Cori said: I used Synovate for awhile, it was the first online survey site I used. They were honest, they paid when you had enough money to cash out and I never had any problems there. The reason I stopped using them is because they do not pay very much at all per survey, compared to some other survey sites out there

I agree with Sonja, and I think that is the general conclusion with these survey companies, see the money you make as extra spending money. You won’t be able to live off it but it’s something extra you can earn from home. Sign up for Synovate.

Pinecone Research right now is also looking for women between the ages 18-24 and also older than 35 years old. If you are in these ages and are interested in giving Pinecone Research a try click here. A lot of you like Pinecone because they pay $3 for each survey and they pay fast

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  • I am nearly 40, but didn’t qualify for Pinecone. Completed app for Synovate. We’ll see.
    Does everyone here use Bright Ideas? If you simply post to their site once per month, you will receive $10 though an Amazon gift card or through Paypal.
    Right now, they are running a referral contest. $5 for you, $5 for me.
    Email name, age and email address to
    Tell her I sent you!

  • Sandra

    I keep signing up for SYnovate but hearing nothing back. Either they want someone married, with kids or hispanic…

  • Laura

    I’m in the “women over age 35” category and have been doing Pine Cone surverys for the last year so or. I sure don’t get many surveys to complete though, maybe one or two a month, and some of them are . I’ve gotten samples of two products to test.

  • ccb

    Pinecone wouldn’t even allow me to sign up for surveys they may have in the future for my age range of over 55. Hey, I don’t feel of think 56, and they should be looking at what us babyboomers are going to be desiring in the future. 🙂 Afterwards, I was passed on to NCL surveys…. any experience with them. I really hate giving anyone my phone number, so I opted not to join.

    On Synovate… any trouble with junk email? What do they do with your phone number?

    • CCB a good way to deal with this is by creating separate email. I hear doing so is a great way to keep your survey emails fro getting lost in the shuffle of any other emails you get.


  • How often do these types of things pay?

  • ccb

    Can anyone tell me if you get unsolicited phone calls or more junk email/snail mail by being members of these groups…. Doesn’t seem real to get $10 Amazon card just for posting on a website??
    I do e-rewards and get points for gifts, but takes a while just to get enough to get Blockbuster gift coupons for 6 mo because I don’t always qualify and only get a point for filling out the info. No unwanted emails from them.

  • Karen Jeffrey

    I need a question answered … I heard at Krogers now that the computer will not take a manufacture coupon and a electronic coupon at the same time? Is this true?

    • HI Karen,

      This is true. It seems Kroger has modified their computers to stop accepting ecoupons and paper coupons on the same item. You can only choose to use one.