Target: Huggies Pure & Natural Diaper Deal Even Better

Yesterday I shared a way to get cheap Huggies Pure & Natural diapers at Target.  Well, great news! the deal gets even better as these are included in a gift card promotion this week.  If you buy two you can get them cheaper:

Buy two Huggies Pure and Natural Mega Pack $19.79 and get one $5 Target gift card
Use $3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural manufacturer coupon or here
Use $3/1 Huggies Target coupon
Pay $11.29 per pack after coupons and gift card

Thanks Michelle for leaving a comment about this deal.

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  • Amber Johnson

    Any idea how many diapers are in a size 4 box?

  • meghan

    56 in size 4

  • Amber

    I must have missed my chance to print the manuf. coupon for Huggies Pure & Simple. All I can find are Snug & Dry coupons. Oh well, maybe next time?

  • Laura

    Amber, you can go to and print off 2 coupons for the Huggies Pure and Simple ($2.50 off) and $2.50 coupon for the LIttle Snugglers of Little Movers.

    • Amber

      My problem is that in order to stack the coupons you have to have 1 Target Q and 1 Manu for the same type of diaper. I only have manu. Q’s for Snug & Dry and I only have Target Q’s for Pure & Simple.

  • TamiV

    I have a question? Why can’t you use a maufactuer coupon and the Target coupon on each? If you do this it would be cheaper! Deduct $6,on each package of diapers,plus deduct the $5 Gift Card and you would pay $2.79 plus tax .I’m just asking!

    • Amber

      You do use the manu and the Target on each. It’s $19.79 per pack of diapers, minus $6 for coupons, minus $2.50 for 1/2 the Target gift card (because you have to buy 2) which equals $11.29 per pack.

  • Lauren K.

    Is this deal only running in certain areas? I’m in the northern burbs of Chicago and my Target is only advertising a $10 gift card when you buy any 2 select boxes of Diapers, but the Pure and Natural are not part of the “select” – only Snug & Dry, Little Movers and Little Snugglers along with a bunch of Pampers, Luvs and some other eco-friendly brands. Or is this deal just not advertised on their website? Thanks!!

    • Lauren,

      Did you try scanning the packages on the price scanner? The deal I think is unadvertised for the Pure & Natural. The Price scanner would have shown that the packages qualify for a gift card promotion.


      • Lauren K.

        Thanks Mercedes! I haven’t gone to Target yet – was just checking prices, etc. online and wanted to be sure before I headed out to try. With a newborn and a 2 yr old, I have to plan my shopping trips carefully! 🙂 I’ll definitely try that though – thanks!