Toys R Us: Cheap Hasbro Games and Leapfrog Tag Books

This week Toys R Us has Sorry and Monopoly games on sale for $7.99.  Plus when you buy two you get an additional game free.  Certain areas of the country got a coupon for $4/1 Hasbro Games in the Parade Magazine included in their Sunday Newspapers.  You could do this:

Buy three Sorry or Monopoly Games $7.99
Use three $4/1 Hasbro Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Clue (IE) Printable (FF) Rolling or from 9/19 Parade Magazine
– $7.99 deducted by buy two get one free promotion
Pay $3.98 plus tax out of pocket for three games

Using three coupons may vary dependent on the cashier processing your transactions. While you can use one coupon per item, some cashiers may not allow the use of a coupon on the free item.

This week also Leapfrog Tag books are on sale buy two get one free. Use three$4/1 Leapfrog Tag coupons here and here. Pay $9.98 for three after coupons and buy two get one free sale.  There is also a $5 off $25 purchase coupon that you can use to make these deals even better.

Thanks Alan for the deal!

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  • Connie Smith Greene

    this scenario is impossible. The coupons are only for the anniversary editions of Sorry and Monopoly -priced from $24.99 UP – the others that these are good for are $17.99 and up!

  • shopper

    Coupon says any monopoly, or clue or sorry.. Only Life is the 50th anniversary edition.

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  • Some of the Hasbro games say psa $4.99. IF Guess Who or Connect 4 are that price, it could be possible to get 4 games free (+ 3 cents overage). Check out my sceneario
    I am going to try it tomorrow and will let you know!

    • update!!! I went and tried it this morning worked great. I got 5 games for under $5 before tax. But I figured out a scenario that might get you 6 free games!
      Check it out!

      • Levy Kohout

        Hi i went to our TRU today here at MN but couldn’t find any board game on sale at 7.99 only signs that says buy2 get1 free where did you say the ad for 7.99?

        • Levy

          saw i mean.

          • None of the 7.99 games were marked at my store either, but I used the price checker to be sure. The $7.99 price on the monopoly and sorry games were listed in this weeks newspaper ad (page 3 maybe, right hand side)

          • You can view the ad online too! Good luck!

  • my husband,won on sobe,heads up he won a computer lap top but he has not yet gotten it its been at least 12 to 14 weeks we would like to know what is going on

  • Narmin

    Hi! Is the Leap Frog Tag books are on sale for $7.99 too? because this coupons sais, $9 or up. Can I still use this coupons? Will they take it? Thank you!

    • Hi Narmin,

      No they are $10.99. So you can still use the coupon.


  • Rebecca

    Danny, I won several free Sobe coupons (not the BOGO, but the ones they send you) back in July and August. I have yet to see ANY.

  • Thanks Mercedes! This will come in handy for some Toys 4 Tots donation. 🙂

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  • Narmin

    Thank you, Mercedes!!!!

  • laurie

    i’m confused. i thought you could only use one coupon per transaction?

  • Kara

    It says that I’ve already printed the coupon. (which I know that I have not)


  • ashleyg

    Did not work for me at all. The hasbro coupons will scan on any hasbro game, but it states only one per transaction for the Hasbro and the Leapfrog coupons.

  • S. Wade

    Tried it this morning and it worked great. Got three Monopoly games and three Tag books for $9.70 OOP.

  • Rachel

    It tells me that I already printed and I did not.

  • AC

    Does TRU have coupon policy? I went there today to get 3 tag books and they won’t take 3 $4 Tag book coupons. They said the items are on promotion (can’t take the manufacture coupon with its promotion) so I can either get a regular price (which not buy 2 get 1 free) and use the coupon or vice versa. Not to mention the $5off25 since they said the total before coupon with the 1 free book is less than $25. It is impossible to deal with the cashier when I have my 3 years old daugther there so I left the store.

  • kristine

    i went tonight and used 3 coupons on three books and also used the $5/$25. the downside was that the books were 13.99 each, so for 3 it was 27.98-$5/$25-$12 total came to 10.98