Unexpected Loyalty Reward

I have mentioned before that I am usually not very good about taking advantage of loyalty reward programs. Sure, recently I have been downloading lots of music for free through Pepsi Stuff and carry in my car key holder cards for my grocery stores’ loyalty cards. But by far I have missed out on a lot of reward programs.

A few months ago, I finally signed up for the loyalty program at our local thrift store. For every $50 you spend you get $5 off your next purchase. Isn’t this a great program? additional savings from the place where you buy things already at bottom prices? Another thing they offer is gift cards. They actually advertise it as the best present for a frugal person: $25 can go a long way in that store.

On Monday I went to the store to drop off food donations. They also run the food pantry. While there I picked up 15 books. The grand total would have been $8.70 but because of the reward program I only paid $3.70 for them. And they are great parenting books that I needed anyway!

Remember my Mac and Cheese dilemma?
I took advantage of my trip to ask whether they would take the expired Mac and Cheese I had. The food pantry person there at the time agreed with me that the product was probably safe to consume and she would undoubtedly use it. However, in her words, “some of their clients are very uppity about that.” We couldn’t help but laugh at that.

To be honest I am not 100% sure how food pantries work but I am assuming customers pay a “nominal price” for the food they take with them. So, I guess they have a right to be “uppity” about expiration dates. And of course everyone always has a right to food safety. I just couldn’t help thinking of the phrase “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

I was wondering, is there a loyalty reward program you think you need to look into, or wished you had found out about sooner? I’ll start: Coke Rewards. I still don’t know how it works.

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  • Tiffany

    I could be totally off-base but I would think that the food pantry customers would be “uppity” about expired food….because it may appear others don’t think they “deserve” good food. So maybe their hurt and offense appears as being uppity??

    As for Coke Rewards..super easy. Just enter codes on bottle caps or cases and you get free stuff! I’ve received free Coke, free magazine subscriptions, and free photo prints through one of the major online photo hosting sites. Easy enough!

  • Denise Sawyer

    I was just thinking of trying Coke rewards too! We are die hard coke fans around here – no pepsi!

    So, I have probably already missed out on a ton of great swag!!

    The “Cent”sible Sawyer

  • looney

    You don’t pay for food pantry items. It’s more of either the place fills a bag for you, or you can fill a bag yourself.
    It is, though, not “uppity” when you realize you are getting stuff other people thought of as trash–like expired food.
    Your self esteem is bad enough when you can’t afford “new” food and clothing…you have to take someone else’s rejects.
    But it’s nice that you usually get food for the purpose of donating it–many people, it’s just whatever “junk” they don’t use.
    Been there. Never going back.

  • Mercedes

    Tiffany and Looney,
    I hadn’t really thought of the emotional side of this. I guess if I were in their shoes and on the spot I would feel the same way.
    However, it is a shame that sometimes food that has just recently turned out of date can’t be used by other people. My neighbors are happy they benefited from some free mac and cheese though. I ended up taking 12 boxes of good mac and cheese I got from the Walgreens deal a couple of weeks ago.

  • Tiffany

    Oh, I do agree with you about the food getting used. So much food is tossed out in this country it’s AWFUL!!! I think you did a great thing by sharing with your neighbors. But yes, as looney says..a lot of people and organizations view food pantries as nice dumping grounds for expired food, rotting produce, etc. And that’s not cool, you know? I know YOU didn’t think of it that way…but so many others do, that’s probably why the clients act “uppity”.