Walgreens: Cheap Enfamil Formula, Schick Products and Oil Therapy

There are a few more cheap finds at Walgreens this week. First, if you are in need of Enfamil formula, be in the lookout for a mail in rebate form found in stores for $5 back by mail when you buy two cans of Enfamil formula. If you find this rebate form, you could do the following deal:

Buy (2) Enfamil, $21.99 (with in-ad coupon) ($43.98)
Use two  $5/1 Enfamil printable
Use $2/1 Enfamil coupon (Walgreens Infant Care)
Pay $29.98 Out of pocket
Submit $5/2 MIR (found on display)
Pay $12.49 ea. after stacked coupons and MIR

Here are more cheap finds.  I believe the buy one get one free sale on Schick products is a monthly sale and the price on the Optimum Oil is the regular price.

B1G1 Schick Hydro Razors $9.99
Use rwo $3/1 Hydro Razor printable
Pay $1.99 ea. after coupons

B1G1 Schick Hydro Shave Gel (8.4 oz.) $3.79
Use two  $1/1 Hydro Shave Gel printable
Pay $0.90 ea. after coupons

Optimum Oil Therapy, $5.29
Use $4/1 Optimum Care or Dark and Lovely Relaxer Kit, Optimum Oil Therapy, and Optimum Salon Hair Care Walgreens IVC
Pay $1.29 ea. after coupon

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

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  • jessica nutter

    what is walgreens coupon policy?
    they would not let me use more than one manufacturer coupon for the same product, even if i was buying two.

    • Jane

      You can only use one manufacturer coupon per item. You can use two of the same coupons if you are buying two of the same products. If you tried to use your RR to pay then you have to add another item to your purchase since RR’s ring up the same as a manufacturer coupons. Just add a pack of gum or cheap candy to your purchase and then you can use the RR with no problem, even if the value is more than the candy. Hope this makes sense 🙂

  • Jane

    What’s MIR? I went today and they would only let me use one in-store coupon on top of the manufacturer coupon. So, I ended up paying $15.49. Still a really good deal!

    • Annette

      Mail in Rebate…You have to look for it on display in the store.

  • Lauren

    Where can I find the Enfamil coupon? is it under a certain section? Thanks!

  • Donna

    My Walgreens had the 80 pack of Splenda on sale for $2.99. It’s free with the $3 off coupon in today’s SS.

    • Tana

      Yes they are free. However, if this is the only thing you are buying, I recommend you take the Walgreen Coupon policy in with you. As it has been made clear in other postings, on this website and others, most cashiers (including assistant managers) don’t know the coupon policy. Also familiarize yourself with the policy. It happens to address this situation exactly. When store managers are called to verify procedure, they can’t help but tell the cashier to ring it up. Without the policy, I say good luck because they don’t believe in “the customer is always right” anymore!

      Also, it helps if you are buying something else because the total sale distracts the cashier. The attention is drawn (happened to me twice now) when I buy one Splenda (or item) for $2.99 and have a $3 coupon. When I made other purchases, they didn’t even notice. No manager needed.