The Best of Walgreens Deals 12/2-12/5


There is a mid-week ad available at Walgreens.  This seems to be something Walgreens likes to do during the Holidays, as the same happened last year.  The deals on this ad don’t start until tomorrow Wednesday 12/2 and end on 12/5.

Don’t understand any of the lingo I used? Please check my FAQ page for help.

Coupon and Register Rewards Deals

Starbucks Ice cream Pint 2/$5
Use $1/1 Starbucks Ice Cream printable coupon on and Red Plum
Pay $1.50 each after coupon

Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter $10/2
Use $3/1 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litter printable coupon (goes straight to printing)
Pay $2 each after coupon

Natrol Acai $4, Earn a $4 RR wyb one
Use $3/1 Natrol printable coupon
Free plus $3 in overage after coupon

Goody Hair Accessories $2, Earn a $2 RR wyb one

Includes 27-50 Pack Elastics and Flexible tips Headband,

Dentek $1.99, Earn a $1.99 RR wyb one
Use  $1/1 Dentek Floss coupon from 10/11/09 SS insert
Free plus $1 in overage after coupon and register rewards

Soft & beautiful Botanicals $5, Earn a $5 RR wyb one

Free after register rewards

Quilted Northern $4.29, Earn a $1 RR wyb one
Use $1/1 Quilted Northern printable coupon
Pay $2.29 per pack (or 25 cents per roll) after coupon and register reward

Coke 2 Liters for $4.50, Earn a $2.50 RR wyb 3 (Must purchase 1 Diet Coke at least)
Pay $0.67 per liter after register rewards

M&M’s 2/$5, Earn a  $1 RR when you buy two
Use $1/2 printable coupon here and here
Use $1/2 coupon from Walgreens December coupon booklet
Pay $2/2 after coupon and register rewards  Thanks Jen!

Check out all of the Monthly Register Rewards deals here and catch up with all of the weekly deals available at Walgreens here.

Happy Savings!

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  • elisabeth

    Hey thanks for posting these great deals! Any idea where I can get a copy of the ad or view it online. I checked and don’t see it. Thanks!

    • Elisabeth,

      You should be able to see it tomorrow.


      • katelc

        You can check out website “I heart Wags” for a copy of the ad.

        Wouldn’t the M&Ms be 2/$3: 2/$5 – $1RR/2 – $1/2 manufacturers coupon?

  • Amy

    I do not see the Natrol Acai in any ads….where did you see this deal???

    • Deanna Dill

      It’s right here!~

  • Deanna Dill

    What is this? Soft & beautiful Botanicals Thanks!

  • Jennifer P

    there is also a coupon for $1/2 M&M’s in the Walg Dec Coupon Book, NOT the Healthy Savings Book, the other one…with a red ornament on the front….

  • mitchell

    are this deals in utah? i went to wallgreens and they didnt have any of these deals.

    • Hi Mitchell,

      Did you go today?
      This deals start today 12/2.


      • mitchell

        Yes i did i just went to another one and they had the items but they are price regular price is it just here that we dont get it?

        • Mandi

          I also went to a Utah store today. The only RR that worked was the goodie hair accessories but they were listed as $2.99 ea or 2 for $5. I bought them together to save the $1 so I only got one $2 reward. Acai was buy 1 @ $10 get 1 50% off and used two $3 coupons for great savings – not free though. I never did see the additional weekly add so we must not be offered the deals in our area.

  • Merritt

    Can someone verify the $1 RR on the M&M’s. Not seeing it.

    • You are right Merrit. I don’t see it either. Iw ill edit my post. Unless someone confirms that’s tagged in stores.

  • Lisa

    The M&MS are for a dollar off with store Q not a 1 RR but it looks like a rr the way the box is.

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  • Megan J

    I stopped by one of my (Indianapolis) Walgreens and they had the RR tags up on all of the items you listed here, but they did not have a mid-week circular available. I was happy to roll some of my Black Friday RRs! Thanks!

  • holi

    And there is a coupon out there for the coke too! I just happenend to find mine somewhere…someone left it behind at the store.

  • Alice

    Did you notice that ALL the coupons in the December savings book say Manufacturer Coupon in the small print. I tried to stack a WQ and a MQ on the M&M’s and it beeped. The cashier politely and firmly informed me that the Walgreens Q was in fact a MQ. I read it and he is right. Has anyone else had any problems with this?

    Is Walgreens going to be like Target and all the rest?

    • Heiss Haus

      Alice, I’ve had some cashiers here in Oregon override those, but it depends on who you get. It really helps if you can catch someone at the beauty counter in the middle of the store. Sometimes the coupon deals back up the line and make the front cashiers get antsy. Good luck!

  • Melissa

    I live in the metro Detroit area and don’t have many of these deals either. I can’t use the Quaker pancake mix coupon because it’s chewy bars, cereal and instant oatmeal ONLY. We also have no weekly deal for toothbrushes. A couple of others too…wasted trip.

  • Marcy

    I went into my (western Ohio) Wags today. None of the midweek items were on sale or posted. There was no ad either. So, I grabbed the dental floss and asked a cashier about it. They knew about the ad and they ended up giving me the sale price and the RR printed out. She went on to tell me that the ad was apparently not for all Walgreens. At first corporate alerted them that a midweek ad would be coming out… then didn’t send it to my store. The people I talked to at Walgreens seemed as confused as we all are as to why it only showed up in certain markets. I wonder if this is a new trend, too.

    • Marcy,

      Have you tried accessing the ad for your store online? Just wondering if it’s not in-stores, then it wouldn’t be online either. Can you check? Last year all stores had the same ads, EXCEP for stores that usually get what it’s called “the small ad.”


    • Heiss Haus

      I visited a Walgreen’s in Beaverton, OR on Friday, 12/04/09. For the items listed in this post, none of them had the RR tags on the shelves. I asked the store manager and he said to check with the employee at the check-out. Sure enough, the dental floss and hair bands RR’s printed. I guess this store just didn’t want anyone to know about their sales!

  • Janell

    These are all available in the Seattle area WG.

  • renee-ms

    I went to Walgreens today & purchased several of the “free” items. I also purchased the Northern bathroom tissue & used a manufacturers coupon. None of RR’s printed. The manager said it was because I used the coupon. He said if I use ANY coupons I would not receive register rewards. Has anyone had this problem?

    • Heiss Haus

      Let’s say you purchase dental floss that gives you a RR. If you use the RR from the dental floss to purchase the same dental floss, you will not get RRs for that item. However, using a manufacturer’s coupon when buying an item, should not prevent the printing of your RR’s. That has been my experience here in Oregon. I would have asked the manager to return the items and purchase them separately from the item for which you used a manufacturer’s coupon, to test his theory. That way, you should get your RRs and still be able to use your manufacturer’s coupon. Of course, that negates buying the Northern bathroom tissue with your RR’s…

  • Alan

    I had the Natrol coupon turned down tonight. The store manager informed me that they are not approved by the company and the stores are not being reinbursed.

    • Heiss Haus

      I was able to use the Natrol coupon successfully in Oregon. I didn’t see any on they shelf, asked an employee, and she said they were out of the item. She saw the internet coupon that I had. A few minutes later, she approached me with one last box that she found at the very back of the shelf! FYI to all, inside the box, there was another $3 coupon. Now if I could only find another box. I’ve checked two Walgreen’s with no luck.

  • Heiss Haus

    I looked for the Quaker Pancake mix here in Lake Oswego, OR. An employee said they don’t have it and she had never seen it before. I picked up one of the ads and saw the Pancake mix in the ad, but I’m guessing not all stores carry all products.

  • Lidia

    Does anyone have problems with using one manufactucture coupon and a register rewards coupon for one item? Every time I shop the cashier only lets me use one coupon per item so I have to buy additional products to use RR from previous purchases. Or is this happening only at my stores in Knoxville TN?

  • Heiss Haus

    Hi Lidia,

    You can use more than one coupon per item, but you must purchase a number of items that is equal to or greater than the number of items purchased. Ex. I used a Lactaid Walgreen’s catalina coupon and a $2 RR, I just added a 39 cent pencil. Yes, I’m paying 39 cents that I didn’t really want or need, but that still saves $1.61 on the Lactaid. I’ve even used a Walgreens’ coupon, a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item, and a RR. I often find a 39 cent piece of caramel candy by the register that I buy to be able to use more than one coupon, RR, etc. Try tacking on one of the pieces of candy or a holiday pencil next time and see if that does the trick. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • lidia

    Hi Heiss,

    Thank you for responding. Yes, that’s what I’ve been doing buying a small item in addition to my order just so that I can use a RR coupon or more. No one mentioned they had to do that so I was afraid that only my stores in Knoxville do this. CVS will take as many coupons as I have as long as there is still a balance; I just wish that Walgreens would do that as well. If I have a large RR coupon it is fine to get an item that I don’t need but when I want to use $1 in RR it really bugs me because like you I have to spend $.39 to use $1 in RR.

    Thanks again for conforming that Walgreens has the same policy everywhere.

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