Walgreens Deals: Free Men’s Pert Plus Shampoo and Sure Deodorant

There are a couple more freebies available at Walgreens this week that I want to share with you:

Buy 2 Pert Plus 13.5oz for $2.50 each, Earn $2 Register Reward
Buy 2 Pert Plus for Men and use two $1.50/1 coupons from 1/24 Smartsource insert
Spend $2.00, Earn $2 Register Reward back
Final price: As low as two free after coupons and Register Reward  Thanks Pocket Your Dollars!

Sure Men’s Deodorant 2/$3 after in ad store coupon
Use two $1.50/1 Sure for Men Deodorant Coupon from, 1/24 SS insert
Free after coupons

Sure Deodorant 2/$3 after in ad store coupon
Use two $1/1 Sure for Men Deodorant Coupon from 1/24 SS insert
Pay $0.50 each coupons

Happy Savings!

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  • Lisa

    This is somewhat “off topic” but, I was snooping around on I heart Wags to see what deals are upcoming. I noticed that the week of 1/31, Tostitoes will be on sale for $2 and 12 packs of Pepsi products will be back at 5/$15. I didn’t see the Stacy’s chips in the ad, though. Do you know if the RR will still include Stacy’s? I have several more coupons now and would like to wait and do the deal again that week when the price on chips / 12 packs are so low but don’t want to miss out on using all of the Stacy’s coupons.

    What is your thought?

  • zombiemommy

    deodorants for free are hard to get… buy them for your shelter!

  • Dawn

    Mercedes, has anyone else reported having trouble getting RR’s when they use coupons for the products? I’ve gone to a bunch of stores in my area and I don’t get my RR’s. The managers claim it’s because I used coupons on the products making my OOP less than the advertised price and sometimes making money on products after RR’s. They also claim that every store across the country should be operating like this. I even happened to mention that I’d take my business to CVS and was told “go right ahead” by an assistant manager in the middle of the sales floor who then proceeded to tell me she had another more pressing customer to take care of.

    Have any ideas about this?

    • Rae

      I haven’t had any problems getting RR’s after using coupons…..until this week….I tried the Benefiber deal…and used all the coupons…and then no RR. Luckily I was able to void the transaction…but now I am worried because I always use coupons for RR items.

  • Crystal

    I CANNOT find this deodorant coupon. Is this part of the long ad? Is that why I’m having trouble?

    • Hi Crystal,

      yes, this is an offer only the long ad got. sorry,


  • Kristy

    I didn’t get these coupons unfortunately 🙁 But about the RR’s.. I had an issue like that at my store. I complained online to Wags and they contacted the manager for me and he contacted me and told me to come in and they would just give me my money back instead of the RR’s so maybe do that? Sometimes the coupons work with RR’s and sometimes they don’t for me.

  • Becky
  • Becky
  • Val B.

    Walgreen’s wants us to use coupons, my Chicago Times has all sorts of Walgreen’s ad’s next to the coupons making it easy to see the deal they want you to get, the managers that oppose should be reported to corporate so Walgreen’s can replace them.

  • Jennifer P

    I have never ever had an issue using a coupon and then receiving the RR. I would certainly call corporate and/or call Catalina (with your receipt in hand, they will ask for info) and Catalina will send the RR to you.

  • Maria

    This is somewhat “off topic” too, but I really need help!!! If somebody knows why my nice $1/1 Huggies wipes coupons that I found at my Randall’s didn’t scan at any Walgreens stores. They’re manufacturer coupons, I already used some others from the same booklet, the only difference it’s that the coupons for the Huggies diapers & wipes and for the Cottonelle all start with “9” . Any ideas??? Please!!! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Maria,
      Yes, those pesky manufacturer coupons that start with a 9. Unfortunately it seems Walgreens registers are not programmed to scan coupons that start with a 9 in the bar code so they have to be entered manually. What a pain!


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  • Susan

    Why can’t I get the Pert Plus coupon? If I change the zip code, will that help?

  • sharon

    I’m having trouble finding the Men’s Sure in stock at Walgreen’s- -does anyone know whether Target or Walmart will price match this since the sale price (2/$3) is from a store coupon? Or will Walgreen’s give rain checks on items like this?

  • what is a long ad????? I don’t have the sure coupon ether!

    • Hi Rhette,

      Unfortunately some areas of the country get a “short” version of the sales circular that is available in other states. Unfortunately the short version means less register rewards promotions and less coupon deals. I know for a fact that Colorado gets shorted on the sales they get. i think some areas in FLA are affected too.


  • Ayman

    please provide me a direct pert plus sales manager to make some business with him , with gratitude