Walgreens: Free Vanity Fair Plates

vanity fair plates

Vanity Fair plates are on sale this week at Walgreens buy one get one free. How can you get two free? Use the coupon for buy one get one free found in October All You Magazine to get them free!

Please note that some cashiers may not be happy or even “let you” walk away with two free packs of plates. Some may ask you to buy four, pay for one and get two free with the sale and the fourth free with the coupon. That’s still 75% off.

Thanks Lisa!

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  • Bev

    I got 2 pks. free today! My favorite Wags cashier works Sunday’s only, so it was a good day! The Monday-Friday cashier is a #%@#&, with a capital “B”. I had printed out 3 of the $5/25 coupons, but only used two of them, so I handed the other to my favorite cashier. She was happy. 🙂

    • misty

      i need the coupon sent to me for the plates , i cant find it anywhere . please n thnks !!

  • mary

    can u still get the magazine to get the coupon? If so, where?

  • Rei

    Sounds like my Wags…my favorite cashier works Sunday’s too and during the week it’s this really mean lady who literally huffs when she sees coupons! One time she even yelled at me for trying to use a RR! I didn’t have a chance to go yesterday… 🙁

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  • Debbie

    i tried to use the BOGO coupon but the cashier had to call for Manager who said you can’t use cuz you’re already getting one free. I then handed the cashier two $1 coupons but the manager said, I could only use one coupon, which I did. I was disappointed but hopefully I’ll get lucky next time 🙂

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  • Worked perfectly for me, the cashier yelled (embarrassing) my scenario to her manager and her manager informed her that yes I can use one coupon when it’s buy one get one free, free plates are defintely worth the embarrassment for me! LOL