Walgreens: Kraft Catalina Working There = Cheap Crystal Light, Oscar Mayer Deli and Kraft Singles

The Kraft catalina offer I shared with you yesterday morning is working at Walgreens stores as well.  Here are the items on sale:

  • Crystal Light $2 each
  • Velveeta Shells and Cheese and Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese $2
  • Oscar Mayer Deli Meat $2.50 (unadvertised but should be tagged in store)
  • Kraft Singles $2.50 (unadvertised but should be tagged in store)

Don’t forget about the $1/1 Kraft singles printable coupon and the $1/1 Oscar Mayer Deli meat printable coupon available too.  That should make for some good deals.  Here are some deals you could do.  Don’t forget you can mix and match, all you have to do is buy a certain number of products.  You get the best discount when you buy ten items.  I am planning on doing:

Buy ten Crystal Light $20
Pay $20 and get back a $10 Register Rewards back

That’s like paying $1 each!  I am happy with this price.  You could do the same with the Velveeta Shells or Deluxe Mac n Cheese.  If you have access to enough computers and can get enough of those Deli Meat or Kraft singles coupons, you could end up getting them for very cheap.

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  • Juanita

    I am having so much trouble printing from this site. It says to download the coupon activator and I try to “RUN” and in the end I get a message saying that the network or something has stopped working and I do this over and over and over. Anyone know what is wrong?

    • Juanita,
      Have you checked out the FAQ section on the coupon network website? you may be able to troubleshoot your issue with that info


      • juanita

        I did check the FAQ section. I was able to get it on my husband’s computer at work and it also asked that I download or RUN the coupon activator, but it did so just fine on his. I still cannot get it on mine. It is a new computer. Maybe there is something about it because it is new???? Thanks though. I appreciate your site. I visit everyday.

        • Sam

          I was having the same problem when I tried to put it on a new computer it was because it wont run on the latest mozilla browser, check the faq section and see if your browser is listed….

          • Robin

            I too was having the same problem. It is the newest version of Internet Explorer that is not compatible with the new coupon printer installer. My old computer which runs the older version of Internet Explorer works just fine. Go figure….new isn’t always better!!

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