Walgreens: Lubriderm Moneymaker Deal and In-Store coupons


There’s yeat another moneymaker deal at Walgreens going on all month long.  The register rewars offer: buy two selected Johnson &Johnson products and get a  $2 RR, buy three and get a $8 RR.  The selected products includeMotrin, Tylenol, Lubriderm, Neosporin and a couple more. One of the Lubriderm products included is the Lubriderm Daily Moisture Body Lotion Fragrance Free 6oz that sells for $3.79 in stores. This is how you can turn this into a great moneymaker deal:

Buy three Lubriderm Body Lotion Fragrance Free 6oz $3.79 each
Use three $2/1 couposn from 10/11 RP insert or $2/1 printable coupon (thanks Rek!)
Use $1/1 Walgreens coupon from Diabetes and You Winter Issue (will deduct $3 at once)
Pay $2.37 plus tax out of pocket and earn a $8 register rewards back!

Since the $3.79 is the regular price and the deal is month long you could do this deal all month long.  So if you don’t have the Lubriderm coupons you have time to order some from a coupon clipping service such as the Coupon Clippers.

Also, Walgreens has a set of store coupons available on their website only.  Just check your Weekly Ad and click on “Extra Coupons” on the right.  If you have a “good” Target, you know the kind that is coupon friendly, you may be able to price match the ACT II for $0.99 each and use the $0.75/2 Target printable coupon available.  Thanks Coupon High!

It’s a great week at Walgreens!  Don’t miss all of the great deals available for you, you can find them all HERE.

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  • rek

    u can also get $2 off on lumbriderm bodylotion,cream or ointment at https://www.lubriderm.com/page.jhtml?id=/lubriderm/include/coupon.inc

  • cj

    The add says 16oz lubriderm. Has anyone confirmed you can use this deal on the 6oz?

    • CJ,

      I linked to the store tag that confirms this.


  • cj

    Thank you for trying to link it but I keep getting an error page. =0(

  • cj

    I went and it did indeed work. Thanks!

    • Hi Cj,
      Yay! I am glad!


  • April

    I did it today with RRs from my almay purchase last night. They only had two 6oz bottles left so I bought those and one 16oz. My total oop was $5.57 plus tax. Plus I got a free 3.3 oz tube attached to the 16 oz bottle. Yea! Thanks Mercedes.

  • madhu

    just a heads up
    i just went and did this deal…i printed two of the online coupons and took one 10/11 redplum coupon…the redplum beeped and it said on 1 fl.oz or 3.3fl oz..the cashier didn’t take it..bummer…but i still came out with a 3.63 money maker with this..yes,the 6 fl. oz do work for the deal..


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  • CJ

    The 10/11 Red Plum coupon states “excluding 1.0 fl oz or 3.3 fl oz lotions” so there is no reason it should beep if you buy the 6 oz size.

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  • CJ

    Just got back from Wags. The Lubriderm deal worked with no problem. My store didnt yet have the Winter diabetes booklet so I paid $5.78 after coupons and made $2.22 profit. Will use the $8RR and the $10 in ad coupon to get $18 off the 2010 Entertainment book tomorrow. Great deal!

  • Brandi

    Went to Walgreen’s last night to do this deal and I could use the $2 printables no problem, but they could not be combined with the $1 off from the Diabestes book because that is also a manufacturers coupon and not a Walgreen’s coupon. Just an FYI.

  • newmommy13

    same here they didnt take the diabetes q because it is a man q. also the 6 oz was like 4.xx at my store! argh! my walgreens hates me.

  • cheri

    The Almay, lubriderm and J&J deals all worked for me! WOOT WOOT! Heads up though – you can’t use the RR from J&J on the Lubriderm and vice versa – it’s part of the same deal. I did the Lubriderm, then Almay, then the J & J and it worked out fine!!! Good luck to all!

  • Lisa Fischer

    my store only had 2 of the 6 oz ones left so I didn’t do this deal. Will check again after tomorrow to see if they got more in.

  • B. Hale

    I tried to do this deal this morning and it didn’t print out the
    RR. The manager said it was because a RR is a mfg coupon and since I used 3 mfg coupons, it wasn’t going to work. Does this sound right? Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Jeff

    WG Lubriderm, FYI RE: WG policy and cash register programming.
    The register is programmed (very tough for clerk to override),
    NOT to accept more than 1 coupon per item, you can “trick” it with more items than coupons, sometimes.

    The $2 Lubriderm coupons worked fine on the $3.79 each, and I got back $8 RR, but, the $1 Diabetes Book coupons, which this time were ALSO Manufacturers Coupons, were a no go, no override.

    Still Paid about $6 for 3 x 6oz = 18oz, and got $8 RR back.
    Just a heads up, as I am not sure why ANYONE thought the double up coupon deal would work here..maybe they thought the book coupons were WG special. like many CVS deals? PS, CVS does NOT program for the 1 coupon per item currently.

    • The Lubriderm coupon’s barcode starts with a number 0 not the regular #5 in manufacturer coupons. I am looking at it and it is a Walgreens barcode.


  • Jennifer P

    Can anyone tell me what page in the Winter Diabetic book this Lubiderm coupon is on? I looked and looked and so did the cashier…can not find it in my book. Please help : )

  • Lisa

    The Diabetes magazine has a smaller coupon book wrapped around it. Not all of them do… make sure you grab one that does. The Lubriderm coupon is at the back of the wrap around coupon book – next to the last page, I believe.

    Also, I was able to use all 4 coupons. I had other items to bring my total items up to (or exceeding) the number of coupons. I think a manager was ringing this up so if we had a “beep” it was fixed.

  • robyn

    i would LOVE to know where the $2 coupon is at the website. can’t

  • robyn

    i would LOVE to know where the $2 coupon is at the website. can’t find it. thanks

    • The lubriderm coupon is dead now. sorry I removed the link to it.