Walgreens: Two More Monthly Deals Dentek and Theraflu


I was at my local Walgreens yesterday looking for more Dentek Picks because I really liked them.  Unfortunately, the delivery truck didn’t bring anymore in.  I did notice however that this register rewards deal was tagged and had an ending date of 10/31/09.  The picks were on sale last week for $2 each and have now gone back up to $2.79 each.  This is how you can still get them for free:

Dentek Tooth Picks $2.79, Receive $2 RR wyb one
Use $1/1 printable coupon
FREE plus $0.21 in overage after coupon and register reward

Also, remember the Theraflu moneymaker deal from last week?  Well, this register rewards offer is also a monthly deal and it is advertised in the ad for the week of 10/18-10/24 (pg 16).  That should give you time to get your hands on those Healthy Savings coupon booklets.

Theraflu 8.3oz Liquid 3/$14.97, Earn a $8 RR wyb three
Use $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Healthy Savings coupon booklet (one coupon will deduct $6)
Pay $0.97 for three after coupons and register rewards

If you are lucky to have a Publix near you, Jaime from Chatanooga Cheapskate left a comment that she found a coupon booklet by the Publix Pharmacy area called “What Ache?”  that has a coupon for $2 off one Theraflu.  These should make this deal a moneymaker.

Happy Savings!

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  • Lisa Fischer

    Not sure what happened yesterday…but I bought Dentek picks & they did ring up for $2 but i didn’t get a RR. I just ate it cause I had already gotten home & I figure i get enough stuff for free that once in a while if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. The UPC is 4770100092 maybe it was on sale but no RR for that package??

    • Lisa,

      Make sure you are buying the right picks. not all picks are included in the deal. Also, is if possible you paid with a previous dentek RR by mistake? that would be the only other reason you didn’t get your RR.


  • gamergf

    Lisa, did you buy the picks by themselves and use a coupon? If you use a coupon the RR won’t print. You have to have at least one more item than coupons because then the computer is confused and doesn’t know what the coupons are for, so it still spits out the RRS.

    Does that make any sense? I’m pretty new to the Wags deals myself and the same thing happened to me the first time out, then I learned from websites and from helpful and understanding Wags employees themselves.

  • Lindsay

    I tried to buy 3 Theraflus with the Healthy Savings Book coupon and it beeped and wouldn’t work. The manager said that because of the RR deal the register wouldn’t accept the coupon. Huh? I had done the deal earlier in the week at a different Walgreens with no problem. Still confused.

  • Lindsay

    BTW…that was yesterday during the sale…

  • Julissa

    I was just @ walgreens today and bought the dentek picks for 2.79, I used the dollar coupon but did not recieve the RR. When I questioned it the manager said the company had pulled the deal, but he went ahead and gave me cash instead. He mentioned that 2 companies had pulled out but at the time he couldn’t remember which was the other one. The sign was still posted when I went, but he did say he was gong to pull the sign.

  • Lisa Fischer

    maybe that’s why I didn’t get mine Julissa?? Gamergf, no i bought other things but i didn’t have a Dentek coupon either. I’ve been doing WAG deals for 2 years now so I know the rules but guessing with what Julissa said, maybe the Dentek one stopped yesterday?? Because I did get the floss earlier in the week & had no problems.

  • Kirsten

    gamergf – I think you received some wrong advice, because you can absolutely buy one item, with a coupon, and still receive the catalina. Some employees like to say that you can’t, but you absolutely can. You just can’t take a catalina you earned by buying something and use it on the exact same item. If you do that, you will not get another catalina (usually).

  • Lisa

    Kirsten’s right. I purchased the Dentek earlier in the week by itself, with a coupon and received the catalina, no problem. I actually make a point of purchasing anything with register rewards by themselves. On the Theraflu deal, you HAD to use the manufacturer’s coupons first or the deal would not work. I made the mistake of just handing all of the coupons to the cashier and she used the Wag coupon first and the register wouldn’t take the rest of the manufacturer’s. I asked her to void it out and try the other way and it worked just fine!

  • Kristina L.

    I always use my manufacturer’s coupons first then Wags coupons. That is the only way to get overage at Wags and without the beeps.

  • Lindsay

    When I tried to buy the Theraflu I didn’t have any manufacturer’s coupons – just the Wags coupon and it still beeped!

    • Lindsay,

      In my experience the only reason Wags coupons beep are if:
      1) you are using them on the wrong products (paybe a particular type of theraflu) OR
      2) your particular store has not programmed the Walgreens coupons into their registers so the register doesn’t recognize the coupon. if this is the case then the cashier should be able to enter the coupon manually since it is a veritable Walgreens coupon.


  • Jean Crowe

    Thanks Mercedes for the heads up about the sale on Theraflu starting 10/18 with the $8 RR deal on three bottles.

    BONUS: Look for the bonus 2 free packets when you buy the Theraflu liquid, mine has 2 hot drink packets free attached like a hang tag in a thin blue box and stuck to the back of the bottle. If you buy three bottles x 2 free packets each = 6 free packets. That’s like getting a whole box (a box contains 6 packets) of the hot drink mix free.


  • Jean Crowe

    Also wanted to report that the deal last week also worked on the Theraflu vapor patches and the hot drink packets as well as the liquid.


  • Bonnie

    I found a $1 off coupons in my container of Dentek floss picks from this deal last week. Used it to buy another last week and profited the $1 so gamergf has the wrong idea about the coupons. I did notice however at my store there were signs posted that the bags were no longer part of the RR deal like advertised only the hard plastic containers of the picks. Hope that helps. Anyone who got these last week, check the boxes for the coupons, and you can get some more this week even with them priced at $2.79.

  • gamergf

    I’m still learning the tricky Wags game. I frequent several blogs (some even Wags-specific) and several Wags stores. I hear nothing but different things at each. Makes me want to shoot myself, but I keep going. There needs to be some consolidation and, hell, even flowcharts since it’s so darn exact.

    • Hi Gamergf,

      Sorry to hear about all of the confusion you are experiencing. The gals are right, in general using a coupon should not stop you from getting a RR. Keep reading blogs and shopping at Walgreens and TRUST me, you will get it very very soon! There will be noone to confuse you anymore!


  • Julie

    Does anyone have any reports of the Dentek floss picks generating RR’s now (later in the week)? I tried tonight and bought the 35 ct. floss picks (as pictured above) and the RR didn’t print. The manager said he thought it was only the floss. He let me use the coupon for floss picks on the regular floss and I did get an RR for the floss. From reading the comments it sounds like the deal may have been pulled, I bet they did it once they realized there were coupons and RRs making it profitable for us, but not for them!

  • Carol

    I had the same experience yesterday. No RR for the floss picks (the 90-ct, not the 35 ct pictured but still had a RR tag on the display). The manager went and got a package of floss and was able to get it to print a RR which he gave me. I did purchase the 35ct pkg when they were on sale last week and no problems.

  • Debbie

    I bought the Dentek floss (pictured above) for $2.79 and used the $1 coupon but didn’t generate RR. There were no signs for RR deals, so I didn’t ask…I was just hoping it’ll work….but, it’s alright, i like these floss. Thanks!!!

  • Jill

    I thought DenTek offered a good “green” product (not so if they manufacture overseas) and I bought a pack of 90 picks. I used them for the first time tonight. And I agree with the previous reviewer — I it takes four picks to get all the teeth. By the time I reached four, however, shredded and harsh on the teeth and gums, I “gently” pulled out the floss from between two teeth and my teeth pulled out of place with it!

    My teeth hurt and the bite is all wrong.

    I want to sue this company because my dental insurance does not cover moving teeth back into place. I am 42 and have very healthy teeth and gums. I have been using dental picks of different kinds for over a year.

    None of Dentek’s claims are true. They do not slide easily between your teeth. They cut your gums. They are totally inefficient and harmful. Not to mention cheap-looking.

    I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for emergency X-rays and to see what she can do for my poor teeth. As for DenTek — they have a LEGAL AGREEMENT that you must sign on their website if you want to purchase any of their products through the site. What company does that? I have never seen that before! I have never bought a product and had to sign a long legal agreement as to the liabilities. And these are just… minor dental products the company sells.

    There is a reason for that legal document you must sign if purchasing on the site.

    Why are they trying to protect themselves? Because they make s*** products that can cause permanent damage.

    If I had been shown a legal agreement when I bought the picks from a drug store, Rite Aid, I would never, ever have bought them. I really plan to sue. These are my teeth!

    DO NOT BUY FROM DENTEK! Go for the more expensive picks that do not shred and that do not hurt your gums and that do not pull your teeth out. If you have tight teeth, there are those bristle brushes that work very well.

    Please spread the word. DenTek is getting seals of approval — how, I don’t know.