Walmart: Beef Filets $0.29 Only!

filet of beef

Here’s a super HOT coupon I want to share with you:  Register with Chef’s Requested (click on the link, then “Special Offers” and select “Coupons”) and you will have access to print one coupon for $3 off any Chef Requested item.  The 10 oz bacon wrapped filet of beef sells at Walmart for $3.29.  Use this coupon to pay only 29 cents for one.  How is that for a steal!  Thanks Baton Rouge Mommy!

I have been wanting to share this deal with you for a few days but the coupon was not working correctly.  But it has been fixed and you can go get you cheap Chef Requested Filet of Beef at Walmart without any problems (hopefully!).

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  • mary

    If it has not been fixed, how will it work correctly?

    • sorry Mary,
      I fixed that it has been fixed.


  • mary

    I figured that’s what you meant, just checking:)

  • I guess the site doesnt like Mac’s because it would not allow me to print the coupon BUT it is still an incredible deal. Mind If I put on my site or on FB?

  • Nichole

    I have a mac, and I printed it fine.. i even did it from safari (which most coupon printers don’t like.. )

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  • Kent

    I printed the coupon from different computers and it appears that the coupons are exactly the same. Above the bar code I have this number: 722175-010044

    Can somebody confirm if they have the same or different number?

  • Jessica


    My coupon has the same set of numbers above the bar code…..and the bar code # below is 522175000871….

    • Kent

      Thanks Jessica & Daphne for confirming this. I didn’t want to the check out and look dumb if the coupons didn’t work. Also this means that the numbers are not unique.

  • that is what mine says as far as the numbers say but it does have my name on it as well.

  • Nichole

    you used 4?? i tried to print another and it printed a blank coupon.. 🙁 mine was also priced at 3.98, so i ended up paying .98 for it! still a good deal!


    • Kent

      Yeah, I printed a couple of those blank coupons before I discovered what to do to make it work.

      • Anita

        What did you do to print more than 1?

  • Kent

    The coupons worked. All four of them. However, the bacon wrapped filets were $4 at my walmart, so I got them for a dollar a piece.

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  • KMS

    Just printed mine and the code is the same 722175-010044 🙂

  • Pam

    Those of you who have purchased the Chef’s Request products at Walmart–where are you? I can’t find them at my store. Is it a regional thing?

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