Weekend of Shopping

Walgreens Haul Saturday 7/26

Total Walgreens Diaper packs: 17 (the ones I picked up in the evening not pictured)
Boxes of Maalox Tablets: 12
Bottles of Benefiber: 9
Bottles of Loreal Vive: 14
One pack of printer paper and one big pack of Pampers Cruisers.
Total Out of pocket: $18.97 and got back $15 back in Register Rewards

Can you believe that the big pack of Cruisers was 20 cents after the overage and one $2 manufacturer coupon? It was originally on clearance for $15.20.

Friday the day before I went to CVS and got this:

Not pictured: four 12 packs of Pepsi products and nineteen more packs of gum. Total out of pocket: $3.00. Used up 15 ECBs and got back 11.49. The packs of diapers were on clearance for $2.75. After coupon I paid 75 cents each! I used ECBs of course!

That same Friday evening I visited my local Walgreens for some double dipping deals and got:

Total out of pocket: $3.61 I used overage and $10 in register rewards to pay for all of it.

I was able to double dip on the diapers by using the ESR coupon in the July and August catalog but I decided that I was just going to do one transaction at each store. I decided to get as many packs of diapers as I could for the lowest out of pocket the overage from the other items provided. So at one store I bought five packs and at two other stores I bought six packs. One store didn’t have any diaper packs left, so I picked up the big pack of Pampers Cruisers.

Total out of pocket for the weekend: $25.58 and still have $15 in register rewards to use and will get back $6.60 on a gift card from Walgreens for the Pantene and markers. My net spending was $3.98. To be fair I will also add to this $3.89 for a gallon of gas to hit the four Walgreens I visited today. Just by using coupons (sale discounts and BOGO sales not included) I saved $295.13.

I will be taking to the Women’s shelter some of the shampoo, the Maalox, 6 packs of diapers and the feminine products.

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