10 Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills! Pick One and Give it a Try!

freebies2deals-reduceutilitybillsFeel like you’re paying too much for utilities? There are ways you can cut back on your utility bills just by making a few changes and really they’re quite easy and effortless. Some of these you might already be doing but others might be new to you and something to try out!

  1. Use Your Blinds – this is a big deal in the summer especially. You’ll want to close those blinds to avoid any direct sunlight from coming in. If you have curtains, close those as well. In the winter though, open up the blinds and allow the sun to help heat up your home.
  2. Use ceiling fans – did you know your fan can more than likely turn both ways? There’s an old saying that will help you remember which way you want it to turn “counter-clockwise in summer and clockwise in winter” easy right? So checkout your fan and look for the little switch (usually on the side). Right now you still want it turning counter-clockwise but soon we’ll be switching over.
  3. Call your utility company and ask for a discount – this works for many companies but not all. Just simply call your utility company and ask how you can save on your bill. They usually have different programs that might help you even out your payments or they could give you a discount. The worst thing they’ll say is sorry we don’t have anything.
  4. Use energy efficient items and bulbs – now at first these items can look expensive and can be an investment upfront but in the long run they’ll save you money. So start with your light bulbs and switch those out for energy efficient ones. Then save your money and think about upgrading your appliances to energy efficient ones as well.
  5. Repair leaks/cracks – If you have a leaky faucet you could be paying more for your water than you need to be. Or if you have crack around your windows or doors you might be having cold air/or warm air leaking outside. There are lots of DIY videos you can watch online on how to repair these things so check those out and get them fixed as soon as possible.
  6. Install a programmable thermostat – believe it or not these aren’t that expensive. I found one on Amazon for just $20. You can set your thermostat to keep your home comfortable. This way you’re not forgetting to turn it up when you’re not at home or down at night.
  7. Cook in bulk – Right now it’s still warm out and having to heat up the oven every night for dinner is not only adding to your electricity but also you’re trying to compete to keep your house cool. Cooking in bulk allows you to save money and time! Freezer meals are a great option when it comes to cooking in bulk.
  8. Change your air filter – Don’t make your air conditioner or heater work harder than it needs to. By changing your filter you’re allowing the air to flow more freely getting your house to cool down or heat up quicker.
  9. Keep your freezer full – it uses less energy to keep a smaller amount of air space cold than if it’s empty. If you need ideas you could use a gallon container of water to take up space.
  10. Cover bare floors – having bare floors makes the room colder. So in the winter months think about investing in a rug or carpet remnant to cover the floor with.

What do you do to save on your utility bills? Have you noticed a difference when you changed some of these things? Let us know in the comments below!