100 Cheap Date Night Ideas

date night ideas f2dValentine’s Day is coming up and there’s no better time to think about how to add a little romance into your marriage or relationship. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to have a night where you are laughing, learning, and growing closer to one another. Here are 100 awesome ideas that won’t break the bank and provide that time you need to strengthen your relationships.

  1. Cooking class
  2. Start a journal together and leave love notes
  3. Play favorite board games
  4. Camp in the living room
  5. Drive to a new location and have a picnic
  6. Visit a new museum
  7. Watch the sun set from a new location
  8. Visit an elderly family member
  9. Go to dinner with another couple
  10. Find a new recipe and cook it together
  11. Play chess in a park
  12. Attend a free outdoor concert
  13. Go stargazing
  14. Couples massage (Look for a deal on Groupon)
  15. Camping in the mountains
  16. Bowling
  17. Go fishing
  18. Find homes near by that have Open Houses and walk through
  19. Midnight bike ride
  20. Fly kites
  21. Drive in movie
  22. Play 1-on-1 Basketball
  23. Selfie time! – Go around town taking selfies in random/unique spots
  24. Go to the local library and research a country you both want to visit
  25. Show & Tell- go through your school year books
  26. Take public transportation to a city near you and go to dinner
  27. Paint a portrait of each other
  28. Go geocaching
  29. Find a new bookstore and browse
  30. Watch a new documentary
  31. Find historical landmarks in your town
  32. Miniature golf
  33. Sing at a karaoke bar
  34. Learn how to sew something together
  35. Attend a high school sporting event or play
  36. Put together a puzzle
  37. Play Frisbee or Frisbee golf
  38. Go bird watching
  39. Attend a matinee movie
  40. Get some 1/2 off late night appetizers
  41. Listen to a new podcast
  42. Watch planes land and take off near an airport
  43. Favorite TV Show marathon
  44. Find a local flea market or sidewalk sale
  45. Read a loud a classic book
  46. Talk about each of your favorite top 10 moments/vacations with each other
  47. Feed ducks at a pond
  48. Play “Would you rather”
  49. Dance party in living room
  50. Go on a double date with your parents
  51. Swimming in a near by pool/lake/ocean
  52. Go on a new hike
  53. Play Tennis
  54. Bake a new dessert
  55. Go to the local zoo
  56. Climb a tree
  57. Walk your dog or a neighbors dog
  58. Take a dance class (check your local community classes- they are a lot cheaper!)
  59. Pretend you are a tourist and head to the city. Grab brochures and learn all about your city.
  60. Exercise together- start training for a race
  61. Attend a comedy or improve show
  62. Video game night competition
  63. BBQ in the backyard
  64. Play truth or dare
  65. Browse a second hand store
  66. Go to a U-pick garden
  67. Clean up your streets by picking up litter
  68. Tackle a house project that you’ve been putting off
  69. Build a snowman or a sand castle
  70. Go on an evening walk together
  71. Make a personalized pizza at home
  72. Walk through your college campus
  73. Make homemade ice cream
  74. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows
  75. Serenade each other with instruments that you each know how to play
  76. Sign up for a mud run or color run
  77. Play a childhood game
  78. Fondue night
  79. Attend a local Opera
  80. Host a dinner party
  81. Write a poem for each other
  82. Walk to dinner
  83. Camp at a state park
  84. Learn a magic trick together
  85. Volunteer at a local school
  86. Progressive dinner (start at a restaurant, then a friends, then your home)
  87. Go to a gun range
  88. Lay in a hammock together
  89. Play monopoly
  90. Taste test a variety of chocolate (blind fold and see if you know!)
  91. Go to a local pet store
  92. Wash your cars
  93. At-home spa night
  94. Have a cook off (each of you create a new dish and enjoy each others masterpieces)
  95. Enjoy favorite drinks on the patio or deck
  96. Make a relationship time capsule
  97. Test drive your dream car
  98. Dress up and make your own photo shoot
  99. Make sushi together
    100. Exchange a scalp and back massage

What other date night ideas do you have to add to this list?