15 After School Snack Ideas that are Easy & Healthy

When school started I was so worried about making a healthy and easy lunch that I totally forgot about what to feed them when they got home from school. Let’s be honest, it’s exhausting. I feel like there is so much unhealthy food out there that my kids would be happy eating Cheetos and cookies after school. Yes, that does happen on those crazy after school days and before sports/dance/art/music classes. However, I didn’t want that to happen EVERY day. I decided to make a list of after school snacks that are both easy and healthy. I wanted these snacks to fill my boys up so the are good for their after school activities and can be happy until dinner. You know what? It works!

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Hummus- My boys like pita chips to go with this. But you can use any veggies or crackers.
  3. Peanut Butter- I either put PB in between Ritz crackers or I cut up applies-sliced and put PB in between those
  4. Muffins- Bought from a store, packaged or home made
  5. Ham & Cheese Crescent Roll-ups
  6. Smoothies- I use any fruits I need to use up and I add in some frozen spinach just to give it some greens
  7. Popcorn- SO easy and they love it!
  8. Cinnamon toast- Just toast your favorite bread and add a little butter &  cinnamon on top.
  9. Cheese & Crackers
  10. Cheese Quesadillas
  11. Trail mix- Either store bought or  you can even make your own. Just buy a variety of nuts, add in M&Ms of course!
  12. Frozen Blueberry Bites
  13. Applesauce
  14. Fruit filled cereal bars
  15. No Bake Oatmeal Energy Balls – This is a little more work, but you can freeze these and use them for weeks!


Hopefully this list will help your sanity once the kids get home from school. You can even write this list down, put it on the fridge and have it there for the kids to look at and choose what they want to eat.