2018-2019 Reminder Binder® Planner Only $17.95! (Reg. $52)

These binders are the best!! Right now on Jane, you can grab your 17 month Reminder Binder for Only $17.95! (Reg. $52). Say, HELLO to Sherbet Summer!  The new color scheme of the next edition of the Reminder Binder®! [Just in time for end-of-the-year Teacher Gifts!]

[For all those who order this deal…look for a little bonus treat for every planner ordered!]

In this digital world, there’s value in actually writing things down.  Yes, on paper. With a pen. [Side note: Pilot G2’s are my pref!] You can see it, stylize it…and remember it!  More than that, once on paper, you can stop thinking about all your to-do’s and what’s to come. You will liberate your mind to give it space to relax and engage in the present…and actually ENJOY the moments you’ve masterfully orchestrated!

You’re invited to join thousands of others who have adopted the Reminder Binder® Planner as their trusted planning tool.