3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean


As a busy mom, I feel like my car never gets the attention it deserves. I mean, seriously, this thing may as well be a taxi as often as I am driving people around in it. Honestly, once I finally get home, the last thing I want to do is spend more time in my car lol. That is why for the longest time, my car was always messy. It drove my husband crazy, but the reality is, the kids are in my car most of the time. Not his. It’s easy for his car to stay clean. But because I agreed with him on how messy my car was, I decided to make some changes in how we take car of the car and now it is a much cleaner and more calm place to spend so much of our time.

If you are looking for tips for keeping your car clean, check out the changes I made that have made all the difference for us. 

3 Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean

Make the kids take Stuff Out with Them After Every Drive

Create a habit with yourself and your children that as soon as you pull into your driveway, you grab anything that was brought into the car during that drive. This alone can save a tremendous amount of clutter. This means backpacks if they are coming from school, fast food wrappers in case you hit the drive through on the road, or water bottles from staying hydrated.

Get a Trash Can for the Car

Did you know that they make trash cans specifically for cars? They do! These spill proof, often close-able containers allow you to toss trash in it’s space right away instead of letting it sit on the floor or in your vehicle’s storage spaces. 

Vacuum Your Car Regularly  

Having a nicely vacuumed car feels good. It honestly makes you appreciate your mess free space. That’s why you should schedule in regular cleaning for your car just like you schedule in regular maintenance. I now vacuum my car every 4-6 weeks and have found it so useful! When the kids are in a clean car, they stay more motivated to keep it that way (plus, mom getting mad about them messing it up again probably doesn’t hurt their motivation lol).