3 Tips for Saving Money on Prescriptions

Anyone that regularly takes prescription medication can tell you that it can easily eat up a budget.  In fact, medical bills and prescription costs are often stated as reasons people list when filing bankruptcy or falling behind in their debts.  The cost of prescription medication can add up very, very quickly.

There has to be a way to save money on this purchase though, right?  YES! Just like with most other things, there are tips that you can follow that will help you save money on prescriptions. 

If you are searching for any and all ways that you can save money on prescriptions, here is a great list of tips to get you started: 

3 Tips for Saving Money on Prescriptions


  • Talk to your doctor.  I know chatting with your doctor about your lack of money doesn’t sound like much fun, but it can be of great benefit to you.  Simply explain to your doctor that you need to be sure and find a way to make this prescription fit into your budget. Your doctor has several options available to him/her that may save you money.  For instance, they can prescribe you a generic version of the prescription, a different drug in the same class, they even on occasion are given free samples and high value coupons by the drug companies that they could share with you. 
  • Look online for coupons.  You go online to find coupons for groceries and other purchases.  Why wouldn’t you do the same with medications? My son has a severe allergy therefore I always have to have an EPI pen on hand.  I can almost always find coupons online that take care of our insurance deductible on these which is a great bonus, because they are not cheap!
  • Shop around.  Different stores offer the same medications at different prices.  Spend a little bit of time shopping around for prices and you may find that other pharmacies are significantly less expensive than the one you typically use. 

What ways do you find to spend time with your family without breaking the bank?