4 Jobs that Your Teen Could Do this Summer to Earn Money



Do you have teens at home?  Do you feel like they are constantly asking for money?  If you want to help encourage your kids to start becoming more independent and get them earning money for themselves, you should check out this awesome list of jobs that your teen can do this Summer:

Lawn Care – People are busy, you know that.  So why not encourage your teen to head on over to the neighbors’ house and offer lawn care services.  Not only is it a great way for them to earn money, but it is a great help to the neighbors if they don’t have to stress about working in the yard after they come home from a hard day’s work.  Lawn care would include mowing the lawn, raking leaves and yard debris, pulling weeds, etc.

Babysitting – Many of us got our working start doing babysitting jobs for neighbors or friends of the family.  If your teen is good with kids, then they should reach out and offer their babysitting services either throughout the workdays during the summer or on evenings and weekends for parents to get a much deserved break once in awhile.  Teens can typically charge several dollars per hour per kid.

Housecleaning – Many of us would gladly hire a helping hand when it comes to cleaning our homes.  I know I would be willing to pay a teen to come and help me with laundry, because yuck.I hate folding laundry.  If your teen is decent at housework, they can easily offer their assistance.  Even if it is just specific jobs such as window washing, laundry, etc.

Dog Walking – Our pups need to exercise and if you have ever had to pay a service for it, you know it is very expensive.  If your teen likes dogs and you have friends, family or neighbors with dogs, you might consider having them offer to walk their dogs during the day in the Summertime.  Not only is it great for the dog to get exercise, but dogs are less likely to create messes in the house if they are able to get some energy out.
Are there any other income earning ideas that you can think of for teens to do during the Summer?