4 Reasons to Take your Family Hiking This Summer

Are you tired of seeing your family staring at screens?  It seems like if it’s not the phone, it’s the computer or the TV.  It gets old!  If you are like me and you are looking for a way to get your family more active and exploring the world around them, I have a suggestion.  Take them hiking!! That’s right, I said hiking!  No, it doesn’t have to be rock climbing, mountain scaling, difficult.  You can start out with a nature preserve mild trail and go from there.  Some “hiking” trails are nothing more than walking paths made from dirt.  Many are wheelchair and stroller accessible, but man oh man do you get to see some beautiful stuff!  

If you need further encouraging, here are 4 reasons to take your family hiking this Summer:

It’s great exercise.  You may think you need a gym membership, but really you just need to get active and hiking is a great way to do that.  Add in a hiking pack and WOW! You will be burning calories fast!  Take it slow at first though, just remember, slow and steady wins the race!  An inexperienced hiker should never attempt a difficult hike.  Look up your trails online and stick the ones labeled easy.

It’s educational.  Many hiking trails include signs and info packets explaining the significance of the trail and things (plant life, animals, etc.) along the trail.  It is a great opportunity to learn while you explore.

It’s a great way to make memories.  I love to live by the motto, “making memories is better than collecting things” I would absolutely always choose an adventurous hike over a dinner or a trip to the mall.  I am trying to instill this love for experiences in my children as well.  

It’s cheap.  Yep, sometimes it costs a couple of bucks to park and visit the trails, but oftentimes it is absolutely free!  Yes I said FREE!  Does it get much better than beautiful views, an awesome workout and no hit to the wallet?  I don’t think so!