4 Reasons You Should Take Multiple Shorter Vacations vs. One Long Vacation


Okay, okay, I know I have been talking about vacations a lot, but I’m so freaking ready for winter to be over! I’m all about dreaming of summertime and vacation right now! As I am trying to plan the months ahead I am trying to decide the best ways to plan our family vacations for this year. 

For a while, I couldn’t decide whether or not to plan one really long vacation or multiple short ones, and I think I have determined that taking several short vacations is best for us. If you are wondering which you should be planning for your weekend, here are 4 reasons you should take multiple shorter vacations vs. one long vacation. 

4 Reasons You Should Take Multiple Shorter Vacations vs. One Long Vacation

It’s Cheaper

One long vacation can often cost quite a bit of money. I know that the long vacations that I was looking at for my family were going to be anywhere from $1000-$2000 per person. Multiple weekends away won’t cost anywhere near that even combined. For us we plan weekends away camping as well as some hotel nights and vacation home weekends. The times that we rent vacation homes we almost always rent them with others so it really keeps the cost down. 

It’s Less Overwhelming to Get Away

It can get really overwhelming planning a big vacation. Taking a week or more off of work is often a pretty huge decision that can create a lot of stress. If you are taking multiple small trips you are likely only taking 1 or 2 days off at a time which seems a lot easier than taking a huge block of time away at once. 

Creates a Variety of Memories

Some of my family’s favorite memories are those in which we were on vacation. We have some really great memories of our big, long vacations, but we have equally great memories of those weekends away too! When you take multiple weekends away that means you get to continuously build more memories. 

No Need to Wait so Long

 love the excitement of an upcoming vacation, don’t you? What’s great about taking shorter vacations is that you don’t have to wait so long until you get to go enjoy your time away! When you are talking about one big trip in the future, many people have to wait months and months until that vacation arrives.