4 Tools That Make Keeping Your House Clean Much Easier


Are you struggling to stay on top of the endless chore that is keeping your house clean? I feel your pain. With 3 kids, 2 of them busy teens and a hyper toddler, plus work, I’m lucky to do any house work at all. I have found some things make it much easier to keep the housework done and my stress levels down. 

These 4 tools that make keeping your house clean much easier are easy to find at Amazon and trust me when I say that it will become much, much easier for you to keep up on your housework with them on hand. 

4 Tools That Make Keeping Your House Clean Much Easier

Robot Vacuum 

Okay, serious question here. Does it actually get any easier than keeping your floors clean with a robot vacuum? Set it and forget it. (Just make sure you don’t use one if your pet isn’t potty trained. I have seen way too many unfortunate YouTube videos for that.)

High Quality Vacuum

Next to the robot vacuum, the next best thing is to have a quality vacuum. I didn’t notice the importance of this until I actually had a quality vacuum. I own a shark and it’s been amazing. I’ve had it for 3 years now and it still vacuums like it did on day 1. 

High Quality Microfiber Cloths

High Quality Microfiber is a magical cleaning tool One that you probably had no idea was even a thing. I had heard all about the benefits of microfiber, but kept buying cheap cleaning wipes and couldn’t figure out what they were talking about. About 6 months ago, a friend invited me to order a Norwex cloth and I fell in love with the cleaning abilities it had. I have found that other higher end clothes clean as well as those do too. 

Telescoping Duster

If you have even marginally tall ceilings you need to get yourself a telescoping duster. Trust me, it’ll save your life. Okay, that may be dramatic, but hey…you won’t have to balance yourself on a chair or ladder to try and reach those spots.