How to Manage Low Back Pain

low back pain

Everybody knows that low back pain isn’t pretty. Some people end up doing nothing because they are paralyzed with pain and discomfort. Others lift heavy objects and end up having low back pain. You should go see a doctor immediately.

However, apart from a doctor’s advice, you should also do some things in addition to the recovery process described by your doctor. Low back pain can be recurring in some cases but if you follow a few tips and tricks, you can avoid unnecessary complications and pain.

You Have to Reduce Inflammation

Put ice on the affected area to reduce inflammation. Local anti-inflammatory gels and pills can also do the trick and relieve some of the pain you are feeling.

Kidney Problems

This is why you always have to pay the doctor a visit. A low back pain can be a symptom of something else, of some serious health issue. Low back pain can signalize that you’re having problems with your kidneys. In this case you need to take some immediate action, because kidney pain is excruciating.

Be More Active

Sedentary tendencies and the lack of flexibility can also affect your posture. The wrong posture affects your spine, the spine sends signals to the brain and bam! You are now experiencing some low back pain. Staying active, working out more can have a positive impact over your health.

Steer Clear from Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal crunches can put some serious strain on your back muscles so talk with your fitness instructor about your medical history so he can advise you what types of exercises are fit for your condition.


Stretching is actually good for your back even if it seems painful at first. In time, the right diet and right workout can help you reduce the low back pain till it eventually goes away. But it will take some time to reach this point.


Yoga is known for the incredible effect it has over our bodies and minds. It will make you more flexible, calmer, happier and healthier. It invites relaxation and meditation in and it wards off different illnesses.

The Right Shoes

Be careful what types of shoes you are wearing. High heels can have a negative impact on your back and spine if they are worn excessively. Regular shoes can cause some damage, too. Pick more expensive, but comfortable pairs of shoes. Comfort over looks.

The Right Chair

Pay attention to the type of chair you’re using at work and at home. Some chairs can be uncomfortable and allow you to slouch, causing you many problems (including backaches) in the future.

Weight Gain

If you’re struggling with weight problems, you will face low back pain, too. The strain your spine feels when it carries more weight than it can handle will cause your back to ache a lot. So losing weight is good for all sorts of reasons. It reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, back pain etc. Stay fit and work out more. In order to reduce pain and other complications related to obesity.