5 Family Friendly Places to Visit in Yellowstone National Park

We recently returned from Yellowstone National Park and it was so fun. It was my kids first time going which made it even more memorable. There are so many fun hikes, trails, sites to see in the park that are great for all ages. Here are 5 places we visited and loved.

  1. Midway Geyser Basin.  As we were driving up to the Midway Geyser turn off we saw all of the smoke coming off of the hot pots. It was a cold day so the smoke was thicker than usual. It made it look very magical. This walk around Midway Geyser Basin is short and sweet. It’s on a boardwalk so it’s accessible for strollers.
  2. Grand Prismatic Spring/ Fairy Falls. This stop is where you can walk up to see the Midway Geyser Basin from up high. It’s such a different view then when you walk around through it. The colors (pictured above) are amazing! You could also continue to Fairy Falls. This walk is a bit up hill and could be a little rocky. My 5 year old was able to do it with a little help.
  3. Old Faithful. This is a must do, just because of the name. Everyone knows Old Faithful, so you must go see it. The visitors center has a very good estimate of the time Old Faithful will go off. It’s around every 90 minutes. There is a great visitors center that has some fun information and a movie. So if you get there with plenty of time before or after the eruption, then take some time there.
  4. Yellowstone Lake. If you like to fish this is a great place to do it. If you don’t, you could still go to the lake and throw rocks and have a picnic. It’s beautiful scenery.
  5. Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. This is super cool. When we arrived, I didn’t know what it would be like. I was amazed at how big and deep the canyon was. You can go to both the lower falls and the upper falls. Both of these offer different views of the canyon and both are worth the time.

If you have time to stop in the town of West Yellowstone, shop the cute stores. Grab a souvenir and some ice cream. It’s a charming town.