5 Tips for Keeping Your Laundry Pile Down


Who besides me has a laundry pile?  I wish that wasn’t the case, but truth be told, I use to have a pile of laundry either on my bed or on my sofa.  Life is busy, schedules are hectic and laundry is typically not super high on my list.  Luckily though, I have found some ways to keep the piles down and if you are looking for a way to rescue you from your laundry nightmare, here are some tips for you.

Here are 5 tips for you to follow that will help you keep your laundry pile down.

  1. Buy a Quality Sorter.  No, I’m not talking about the $10 one you spotted at the big box store.  That thing will break the first time you fill it up.  Buy a quality sorter and as soon as your clothes are dirtied, put them into the appropriate section in your sorter.
  2. Use a mesh laundry bag for delicates.  Whenever you put laundry in the hamper, be sure to place your socks, undies and other delicates into the bag and toss it into the wash when you do the rest of the laundry.  This helps keep track of your socks (I know my family isn’t the only one that loses socks).
  3. Do Towels and Linens Together. Wash all of your towels together in the same load.  This does two things…it prevents the towels from losing lint and other pieces onto the other laundry, but it also ensures that all towels are finished at the same time too.  No more getting out of the shower to discover there are no clean towels.  Also, be sure to wash all sheets and linens together as well and do them at the beginning of laundry day so that you can make beds while your other laundry is in process..
  4. Avoid “Laundry Day”.  This tip doesn’t work for everyone, but I have found that I end up with far fewer “piles” when I do laundry throughout the week instead of choosing one day to do it all.  Plus, it is far less overwhelming to fold one load of laundry than 5+.
  5. Skip the laundry.  Okay, okay, not in general, but for real, some clothes shouldn’t be laundered that often anyway.  It will save you a ton of time to remember that.  Jeans, jackets, etc.  These things can be washed after several wears.  It’s better for them anyway.