5 Tips to Living Clutter Free


5 tips to living clutter free

If you are anything like me, you long to live clutter free.  If you are anything like me though, that is easier said than done.  Between all of the kids stuff, sports gear, work stuff and our every day items, it feels like it is impossible to not have clutter.  I know it’s possible though.  

I have a friend who has just as many kids as me and I have never seen anything on her floors or counters.  I’m not kidding, not one thing.

So how can you do it?  How can you become a clutter free (or at least less cluttered) household?  It can be done, I promise you!

Here are 5 tips to living clutter free that you can implement immediately that will make a huge difference in your life.

Put usefulness above emotion.  Think about the clutter that is filling your home.  Go through items individually and question whether or not it is useful.  You should not have things in your home simply because of an emotional connection.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with items that you get attached to.  Make sure the items that are in your home are useful to improving your life.

Do not strive to “Keep up with the Jones.”  Do not focus your life on material things simply because you feel like everyone else has them.  Do you need 12 bluetooth speakers in your house?  Chances are you do not.The same thing can be true for just about everything.

Don’t be seduced by pretty organizers.  There are some stores out there that are great for storage containers.  I mean who doesn’t want to have gorgeous storage containers from IKEA prettying up their home.  The thing is, just stacking box upon box doesn’t help deal with the clutter issue, it just presents it a little better.  The fact is that you need to get rid of stuff and then organize.

Give you stuff to charity or a family in need.  Do you have way too many blankets overflowing your hall closet?  Take some of them down to the local shelter and donate them to someone in need.  It will feel good knowing that clearing out your clutter is helping someone.

Pretend you are moving.  Let’s do an experiment.  Pretend you had to uproot and move your household.  What would you need to take with you?  What would you prefer you didn’t lug along on the trip.  It’s a good rule of thumb to never clutter your house with items you wouldn’t want to bring to the next place.