5 Ways to Save Money on Diapers



Do you have a baby at home?  Does it seem like you are going broke from the amount of diapers you have to buy on a constant basis? Assuming that you do not want to take the leap to cloth diapers you would probably like some tips on how to save money on disposable diapers. Am I right?

I had a baby 10 months ago and I have only bought diapers three times so far.   He is actually my third baby and I have used all of these tips with all three of my kids which has saved me hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars over their baby years.  Would you like to know how I’ve done it? Read these 5 ways to save money on diapers that I have used:

  1. Amazon.  Okay, you had to know I was going to say that.  We post enough diaper deals that I am sure that you know that Amazon is oftentimes the best place to find the best deals on diapers.  With their Amazon Family program, their Subscribe and Save program and coupons, it is hard to find a better deal.  Check out all of the awesome Amazon Diaper Deals that they are currently offering.
  2. Goodwill.  Okay, I know that sounds weird, but many of the Goodwill stores throughout the country sell Target overstock items, which means rock bottom prices for you.  Last month I bought a 130 pack of Pampers for $7!!!!  Seriously..$7!
  3. Say yes to the shower.  Are you pregnant now?  Do you plan to have a baby shower?  You definitely should!  Many of the gifts given at baby showers are diapers!  I had months and months worth of diapers given to me as a gift and it was my favorite gift of all!!
  4. Club Memberships.  Costco and Sam’s club also have great deals on large packs of diapers.  The fact of the matter is that wherever I buy diapers, I always buy large packs.  Small ones simply don’t last very long and I hate having to run to the store often for a diaper run!  No thank you!
  5. Coupons.  Clip coupons, print coupons, write emails to diaper companies to get even more coupons!  There is almost always diaper coupons available to use and boy do they help with costs!   You can also sign up for baby samples and memberships from Huggies, Pampers and more to get even more coupons.

Have you found any tips for saving on diapers?