$50 OFF Every Window Self-Cleaning Product! Check Out the HOBOT-268 – A Window Cleaning Robot!

About once each spring a window cleaning company knocks on my door and asks to give me a bid on cleaning my windows. The bid for the exterior alone is usually a couple hundred dollars. We have huge windows and some are just plain unreachable for the average person. I’m always tempted to pay these crazy amounts because cleaning these windows is just so difficult.  Now that I’ve seen these robotic window cleaning products, I’ll never bother with those expensive bids again! 

Sounds awesome right? Take a look at the great products from HOBOT Technology Inc.! The HOBOT-268 is the fastest robot for washing windows in the world. It has an incredibly quiet noise level and works super-fast. Two caterpillars allow for movement at the incredible speed of 4.7 inches per second. It uses 3rd Generation technologies of artificial intelligence with the use of a gyroscope. The laser sensor defines the edges of frameless glass and mirrors. 

This is just perfect for all of the hard to reach windows and surface you need to clean! If you have large windows, high windows or other hard to reach areas the HOBOT-268 just might be your answer. Make those cleaning projects better, simpler, and safer! HOBOT robots are already known among consumers and retail partners in Europe and Asia for their quality and efficiency. 

Does the HOBOT-268 sound like something you could use? It sure sounds good to me! For me it is less than the price of having just my exterior windows cleaned twice! Plus I can use it inside and over and over again! It is regularly priced at $399 but now you can get it for just $349! Get yours today!