$50 Panera Bread Gift Card Only $39.50 SHIPPED!


If you’re a fan of Panera Bread, you won’t wanna miss this deal! Right now you can grab a $50 Panera Bread gift card for only $39.50 on eBay! This is a pre-owned physical gift card and it ships for free.

CardCash buys thousands of unwanted gift cards yearly. The gift cards are bought at up to 92% of the value and in turn are sold to our customers at up to 40% off. The savings are passed on directly to you! 

Since we are a secondary gift card marketplace there is a small risk inherent in the purchase. 
Therefore, we employ a thorough vetting process to our sellers and verify all our gift cards. Every gift card is guaranteed to have the balance as advertised for 45 days.

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