The Apple Black Friday Event is BACK This Year!!


Last year, Apple fans were disappointed when the tech giant opted to duck out of the Black Friday festivities. Consumers could take advantage of sales on products like iPhones and iPads from third-party retailers, but the company opted to give their employees a break for the holiday. This year, though, consumers looking to score nice deals on Apple products directly from the company can be joyful once again!

Apple has announced that they will, in fact, be having something of an Apple Black Friday sale this year. They will be holding a one day shopping event online, where consumers can presumably score some nice deals on top of the line electronics.

As of yet, there’s no word on exactly when the sale will start or what sorts of deals will be available. They’re playing it pretty close to the vest on this one, and all we know right now is that the sale starts Friday. The Apple one-day event shopping page also mentions that the fastest way to shop is via the Apple Store app, and that customers can also get free two-day delivery on all in-stock items ordered by 5:00 PM.

Keep in mind, though, that you might not always get the best deals on Apple products through the Apple Store. Sometimes, third-party retailers actually have better deals. Be sure to check out and compare some of the deals on Apple products from places like Best BuyTarget, and Wal-Mart this Black Friday before clicking that Checkout button!

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