Awesome & Frugal Neighbor Gift Ideas To Give Out This Christmas!


Neighbor gifts are hard – you don’t want to spend to much but you want it something practical they’ll like. But who needs more cookies? And we all know costs can add up fast! Here’s a list of 15 awesome (at least I think so) neighbor gifts you could give out this year that aren’t going to hurt your pocket book later on!


  1. DIY Clementine Wreths
  2. “Twizz” The Season to be Jolly
  3. Wrapping Paper and Tape with Cute Card
  4. “Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas From the Ding Dongs Next Door!”
  5. Santa-Tizer Gift
  6. “There Ain’t Muffin Like Good Friends”


7.   Tic Tac Christmas Labels
8.   Paper towel Gift with printable (did this last year – they loved it!)
9.   Have a “Holly Jolly” Christmas
10. Joy Soap Gift
11. Soda-Lighted You’re My Neighbor
12. Merry Christmas to a “Grate” Neighbor


13.  “Don’t let your dishes pile up this busy holiday season! Let our family “do the dishes” this week
14. Redbox Neighbor gift idea with popcorn 15. Bread and jam

What do you guys do for neighbor gifts? Or do you just scratch them and throw a neighborhood party? Have you through about donating that money to someone in need – maybe even within the neighborhood? I want to hear it all in the comments below!