How Your Bad Habits Are Hurting Your Bank Account!

We all have bad habits and things we’re working on changing. But there are some habits you’re going to want to work hard to change because they could be hurting your bank account.

First one I want to mention is procrastinating. I mention this one first because it’s the one I struggle with the most. Yes that’s right, I’m still working on these as well. So how could procrastinating hunt your bank account? Well let’s talk holidays, Christmas to be exact. When I wait clear until December to start buying for Christmas not only am I stressed out about what to get everyone but the deals I’m hoping to find are slowing down. I’m spending more time looking for a good deal and more money. Procrastinating can hurt you as well when it comes to shopping for tickets, flights, hotels and more.

Now convenience over savings. As a mom I’m all about convenience but it’s my job to save as much money as I can for our family. So that means passing on the take out for dinner or having it delivered. I’ve also starting dividing up the snacks instead of buying them in individual bags. And we skip bottled water and use reusable water bottles instead. Although these little things aren’t big costs, they add up over time.

Here’s one that took me years to figure out. Buying items just because they’re on sale. I’ve been deal hunting for over 5 years now and when I first starting I was buying all the hot deals I thought we needed. Really all I was doing was spending money on unnecessary items. So the next time you turn down the clearance isle make sure you’re asking yourself “Do I NEED this or just WANT this”.

Do you have a warehouse membership? Although there’s a lot of good deals inside those doors, please remember just because you’re buying in bulk doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Break down the price and make sure it’s at or below your stock up price. Also make sure if you’re buying produce you can eat it all before it goes bad. We don’t want to end up throwing your money away.

So if you’re just trying to change your bad habits or you’re working on saving for a big vacation or purchase, make sure you’re more aware of where and what you’re spending your hard earned money on.