Cheap Home Organizers to Corral Your Clutter

Home organizers are an excellent way to keep your home clutter free. The only problem is that commercial home organizers and containers aren’t cheap!

It always amazed me just how expensive simple boxes are when they’re marketed as home organizers. I, however, have a weakness for boxes, bins, and containers. I have several in my home, but of course I didn’t shell out big bucks for them.

If you want to find cheap home organizers, you’ll often need to get a little creative. Here are few ideas for cheap home organizers to help corral your clutter without breaking the bank.

BasketsCheap Home Organizers

Baskets are, by far, my favorite cheap home organizers! I’ve never paid full price for a home organizer basket, though. My favorite place to shop for baskets is thrift stores. You can usually find some pretty unique and handy(and cheap!)  little baskets in places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill. Be sure to check dollar stores and clearance aisles for cheap baskets as well!

Cardboard Boxes

Sturdy boxes made from thick cardboard make great cheap home organizers too! After all, that’s basically all many home organizers are anyway. Turn cardboard boxes into stylish and cheap home organizers by covering them with fabric or decorative paper. You can also paint them with spray paint or acrylic paint. Use larger boxes as standalone home organizers and bins, or glue several smaller boxes together and use them as an organizer for small items.

Plastic Bins

Some of the most versatile and cheap home organizers are nothing more than plastic bins. You can often find colorful plastic bins and baskets for just a dollar at many dollar stores. Like cardboard boxes, you can also cover plastic bins with fabric or paint them to match your decor.


Glass jars, like the kind pasta sauce and jelly come in, make great cheap home organizers as well. These are particularly great for desk items, like pens, pencils, paperclips, and tacks. Although you can leave them clear, you can also decorate them with glass paint.


Here’s another great thrift store find if you’re looking for cheap home organizers! I often find old pieces of luggage at my local Goodwill for dirt cheap. Old luggage can be cleaned up and used to store all sorts of different items, like sewing supplies, blankets, toys, games, and extra pillows. They can be stored under large furniture or stacked in a corner of the room. A stack of matching old luggage makes a great decorative accent too!

Wooden Crates

If you’re lucky enough to find wooden crates, then you’ve found yourself some pretty awesome home organizers. You can use them as bins or hang them sideways on the wall and use them as shelves. Ask around at your local farmer’s market for fruit crates or your local liquor store for wine crates. If you like the rustic look, you can leave the crates unpainted, but a few coats of paint does give an assortment of wooden crates a nice polished look.

DIY Home Organizers

If you’re a handy person, you might want to try your hand at some DIY home organizers. For cheap DIY home organizers, use reclaimed materials. Wooden pallets are great for this purpose. You might also be able to upcycle old items to create “new” cheap home organizers. Old dresser drawers, barrels, and several other items might also be feasible as home organizers with a little work and creativity.

What are your favorite cheap home organizers?