Cheap Skull and Skeleton Jewelry and Accessories for Halloween!


Halloween comes only once a year, and I usually like to go all out. But, I figure why spend a ton of money on accessories that I’m only going to wear a handful of times each year? So, I hit Amazon around this time every year and pick out a couple of wicked pieces of jewelry and accessories! You can usually find some awesome Halloween inspired accessories for just a few bucks. Some ship from overseas, though, and may take a little longer to get here, so I like to order early.

Check out some of the spooky skull and skeleton goodies I found in my travels today….


Skeleton Charm Bracelet—$1.89 shipped


Skull hair elastic—$1.50 shipped


Long skull print scarf (Approx 5.4 ft x 2.3 ft)—$2.17 shipped


Pirate skull leather cuff bracelet—$6.84 shipped