The Cost of Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, have you totaled how much you will spending to celebrate it with your sweetheart?
Am I the only one who thinks that how much one spends depends on where in your relationship you are? For example, I can see people who are dating going all out for each other, getting a nice gift, going to a very nice dinner. He gets her flowers, she gets him chocolate; they both trade cards. How about a newly wedded couple? probably about the same, except that maybe one of them would want to cook for the other afancy dinner instead of going out. A couple with children? I think it would include cards, his gift to her would be flowers, her gift would be chocolate and if they are lucky enough they would order take out since all babysitters were already booked for the night. I think empty nesters would probably skip the cards, flowers and chocolate. But they would probably still would go out for a nice dinner.
I don’t know what the average spending amount is for this holiday. But I hope what people choose to do for their significant other is not based on wanting to impress them or wanting to spend the least possible but wanting to express what’s in their hearts.