Dads Rock Bash Winners

Here are all the winners of the Dads Rock Bash I help last Friday. All of the winners have been emailed.  If you think you are a winner and don’t see an email from me make sure to check your Spam folder. Please allow 2-4 weeks to get your prize.  If after 4 weeks you have not received it please make sure to follow up with me.

Don’t forget that you can still enter ton win a Grilling Greatness gift basket and a Corel Digital Download.  Plus I still have more giveaways in the works for you.


( andswimming1@xxxxxx)

Jennifer says iPhone 3G / 3GS Commuter Series Case in Green or Color Combo Pack #3. Thanks!

Elaine Pool says My husband’s about to buy an iphone, so a case for that would be great.


(belauvibes@xxxxx, six_one_nine_xxxx@xxxxxx and jenncf@xxxxxx)

Suz says I looove the smell of green tea so I’d love to try something that is based on Lapsang Souchong !

Jenna Wood says Thanks for the chance!

Jennifer F. says I would love to win this for my hubby! THANKS =]

Thompson’s deck Care Kit


Kathy says my dad would help me plant tomato & pepper plants.

Flip Slide camera


jenna H says My dad taught me how to drive, then was there when I bought my first car

$100 Last minute gift Card

donna steinhoff says i tweeted on twitter (donnasteinhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

I Love Inns Books and BOGO Certificates

(louifoxx@xxxxxx, alison_moyxxr@xxxxxx, katrinadxx@xxxxxx, and laurenmcdxxx@xxxxx)

loofoo says With kids in college on the mainland, this would make visiting them much more affordable.

Alison says This would make for a great getaway.

Katrina says I LOVE b&b’s….what a great gift….a getaway with my sweet hubby!!!

lauren says This would be such a treat for us to get away!

Keurig Mini


Tammie R. says I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband sometimes drinks a pot of coffee a day



Amy says This would be great in our house, we are planning on getting a new laptop soon! Thanks Mercedes!

Cisco Valet


lyn says What a great gift!!!

Sony Reader


Amy says I would love to read Kate Gosselin’s new book.

Western Union Visa Card

(, sariesue_18@xxxxxx, and xiaoxin21008@xxxxxx)

Jenny says I’d give it to my husband for father’s day (His FIRST Father’s Day to be exact!)

Sarah J says I would give it to my husband so he could buy exactly what he wants. 🙂

Xiao Xin says Towards a workbench for my husband. He was mentioned about it recently.

Thanks to everyone who joined the bash!