Delray House Plants at WalMart Under $10 + Free Store Pickup!

WalMart has a selection of Delray houseplants marked way down right now! There are a handful under $10.00, and you can pick up your order at your local store for free! 

Here are some of the plants available:

  • Mass Cane Plant in 10″ Pot—$9.54
  • Aloe Vera Plant in 4″ Pot—$8.25
  • Spathiphyllum in 6″ Pot—$9.11
  • Dieffenbachia Exotica in 6″ Pot—$8.44
  • Dracaena Marginata Bush in 10″ Pot—$9.65
  • Macho Fern in 10″ Pot—$9.59
  • Spathiphyllum Sweet Pablo in 10″ Pot—$13.47
  • Majesty Palm in 10″ Pot—$11.03
  • Burgundy Rubber Plant in 10″ Pot—$11.92
  • Cat Palm in 10″ Pot—$10.79

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