Driving for a Good Deal

I have complained in the past that I don’t have a CVS near me. The closest one I always thought was about 45 miles away. I have always been a little jealous at the good deals people seem to get there and I wish I could save money by CVSing as well. But with the way CVS works and that ECBs expire I didn’t think I could commit to driving to the closest store every so often to make it work (how often do ECBs expire btw?).

But yesterday, I found out that there is a closer CVS to me. OK, only 10 miles closer but closer still. I started thinking if maybe this distance was more doable. Then I started thinking what can I get at CVS that I can’t get at Walgreens, particularly if I am in no need for health and beauty items. The only thing I could think of was their diaper deals. But I have noticed that those usually have a limit of one per card. Then if you take into consideration the current cost of gas, then is the deal really worth it? It would take me 3.5 gallons (@$3.30 currently) to make it back and forth.

I would like to know from any CVSers out there, would you drive and how far would you drive to be able to shop at CVS? What offers would you drive for?