Easy Tips to Make More Time for Your Familly


Do you find yourself busy all the time? Are you running in circles trying to stay on top of work schedules, school schedules and sports schedules? Are you dreaming of spending more time with your family?

There are some easy ways that you can get more time out of your day without causing any major chaos to your life. Want to learn them?  

Here are some easy tips to make more time for your family:

Divide household tasks – “Many hands make light work.”  I’m sure you have heard that classic saying. There’s a reason why that classic quote is so popular. It is true. When everyone in the house pitches in on household work, it gets done much quicker.  When the work gets done quicker that leaves more time open for family time.

Meal planning – we have preached many times over of the benefits to meal planning. Time savings is one awesome benefit to meal planning. I don’t know about your family but if my family doesn’t plan out dinner, a lot of time is wasted simply figuring out what we should have.

Use a slow cooker. Seriously. I’m not kidding about this one. A slow cooker is perhaps my favorite kitchen appliance (other than my coffee pot of course), because I typically spend less than 10 minutes in the mornings getting ingredients together and putting them into the slow cooker and when we get home at night dinner is done. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Set an early wake up time – if you find yourself trying to check messages and sending emails during the times of the day that your kids are up and trying to talk to you, consider setting your alarm clock a half hour earlier.   You may be surprised by how much you can accomplish when you are awake before everyone else. I wake up at 4 every morning and by the time my family wakes up 2 hours later, I have typically gotten my to-do list almost done.  I’m not suggesting that you wake up that early, but give it a shot. You will definitely have more time to spend with your family when you aren’t staring at your phone or computer.

What tricks have you found that help you carve out more time for your family?