Entertainment Books Only $10.00 + FREE Shipping! Grab One To Save on Your Summer Vacation!

freebies2deals-flashsaleentertainmentbookEntertainment Book is having their Flash Sale and offering their books for only $10.00 + FREE Shipping (Reg. $35) This is the lowest price we have seen these this year! The Entertainment Book has discounts to restaurants, entertainment, travel and more in your area. Just choose the book for your city or state.  You can also grab one for vacation destinations that you have planned.  This would be a great way to save money! Most coupons inside the book are valid through November 31st.

As soon as you purchase your book, you will have access to all of the digital coupons they have online for your area. So you can start using them right away–before your book even gets there.

If you have any summer trips planned, you might want to think about grabbing their coupon book.  That way, you can really pinch your pennies and save as much as you can while on vacation.