Festival Of Frugality

I submitted my entry “Debunking a Myth: Groceries are not Cheaper at Walmart” to the Festival of Frugality being hosted at My Two Dollars. Please take some time to stop by and check out what other frugal bloggers are writing about. Here are a few that caught my eye:

  • R over at Retired at 47 lists the ways the internet has helped her save money. It is a great source of money resources.
  • Kate over at A Simple Walk provides her tips for Frugal Dinner dates at Home recipes included, can’t beat that.
  • Madison at My Dollar Plan shares her experience playing the Grocery Game. I once tried this free for two weeks and it was OK for me. Now I get all of my coupon match ups for FREE via Hotcouponworld.
  • The next entry is a reminder of something I am not looking forward to: the winter! John shares his tips for winterizing his home. My husband works on this every winter, certainly something not to be ignored if you want to save money on your energy bills.