Four Smilie Face Toothbrush Covers With Suction Cups Only $2.40 SHIPPED!! 2016-09-04 15-10-28

Ever since I heard about all the nasties that can get on your toothbrush while it sits in the bathroom…well, let’s just say it grosses me out! I love the idea of these toothbrush covers i just found on Amazon, though!

A four pack of smilie face toothbrush covers with suction cups is just $2.40 with free shipping! These help keep your toothbrushes safe, clean, and within easy reach. The vented covers allow the toothbrush bristles to dry, which prevents unsanitary growth.

Plus, they can be used to keep family toothbrushes separate and easily distinguishable. Each family member gets a different color—love it!

Keep in mind, Amazon pricing can change at any time! Don’t wait to purchase this deal or it might be gone when you come back!

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