Do You Have a FREE Amazon Credit? Millions Of Americans Do Here Is How To Find Yours!

If you have purchased an e-book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble you could have free credits available! Due to the class-action lawsuit that Apple settled, millions of customers now have credits available. So, how do you know if you qualify for these credits? Simply log into your Amazon account on this page.

The credit applies to e-book purchases between April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012.  To make sure you get all  available credits be sure to submit any and all emails that could have been used to purchase .

Those who purchased through Barnes & Noble will see  any credits that resulted from the lawsuit are being automatically applied to when products are purchased online or on a Nook device. These credits are result from the 400 million settlement made by Apple to these two e-retailers due to inflated e-book prices.

Who doesn’t love free money! Check to see if you have any credits today!

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