Free Clothes: Dockers on Superbowl Sunday and Socks from Hanes

Ready to grab some more free clothes?  Here are two opportunities to do so:

On Super Bowl Sunday, after you watch the Dockers commercial “Men Without Pans” be among the first to register to win a pair of Dockers pants on the Dockers website.  They are giving away 2,010 pairs of pants so make sure to sign up as soon as you watch the commercial for a chance to win this.

You can also get a free pair of socks from Hanes. Starting this coming Friday 2/5 and through 3/31/10 Hanes will be giving away 100 pairs of socks.  This is a giveaway for a cruise and it seems the form resets every Friday.  The first 100 people to sign up for the giveaway will also get a free pair of socks.

Thanks STL Mommy!

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