Free or Cheap Fisher’s Peanut Butter and more

fisherbHave you noticed all of those coupons for Fisher products in your coupon inserts?  Really, there’s been a $1/1 coupon in 3/15, 3/29 and 5/10 inserts.  I have been using them to get cheap peanuts for my husband.  But according to Mummydeals, Fisher also makes peanut butter and the small jar retails for or around $1 each.  For example, she has found it art her local Ultra grocery store for $1.29 or Strach &Van Til had it on sale last week for 99 cents only.  Check your local grocery store for peanut butter made by this brand and you may be able to get some cheap or, if lucky, even free peanut butter after coupon.

Here’s another deal from Mummydeals:  Love brie Cheese?  you can try Alouette’s new baby Brie Wedge cheese for free with this “Try me Free” offer.  Brie for the price of a stamp to mail this out?  Worth it if you love brie.