FREE Two-Month Pandora One Subscription! 2016-08-09 10-36-51

I absolutely LOVE my Pandora radio! It’s constantly on—on my phone, my computer, the car, the TV in the living room, and the TV in the bedroom. I’m a bit of a music freak, and having that much music with me at all times is a blessing.

Pandora radio is free for everyone, but there are also some ads here and there and you can only skip a very limited number of songs while listening. For people who want a little more from their Pandora radio experience, though, there’s Pandora One. Pandora One members can enjoy a 100% ad-free experience, rounded out by other bonuses such as more skips and fewer timeouts.

And, you can get a FREE two-month Pandora One subscription right now through Groupon! This is a $9.98 value, and there’s no commitment to continue your subscription. If you don’t think it’s worth it, just cancel before your trial is up and pay nothing.