FurReal Snifflin’ Sawyer Only $7.97! (Reg. $30)

This is awesome!! Right now at Walmart, you can get this FurReal Snifflin’ Sawyer Bear for Only $7.97! (Reg. $30). The Snifflin Sawyer pet is a sweet baby polar bear who responds to touch with adorable sniffling, sneezing, and happy baby polar-bear sounds. Boys and girls alike can enjoy taking care of such a cute little cub! They can pet her on the head to comfort her, feed her with her bottle, and cuddle her with her favorite blanket. Tickle her nose in a downward direction and she makes happy sounds and sneezes! Whether shes feeling fine or down with a case of the sniffles, the Snifflin’ Sawyer pet is adorably lovable and with pose able legs, shes a hug able cub, too!

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